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 Online Session 23.07.2017 Recap

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PostSubject: Online Session 23.07.2017 Recap   Online Session 23.07.2017 Recap I_icon_minitimeSun 23 Jul 2017, 23:23

(Online Session 23.07.2017)

Tylendel dreams of a red-masked man. Mask is shaped like a face. Young knight with soldiers grabs him from his mother aboard a boat, delivers him to the mask. Saw bloodspray; hinted that the boat was crashed into; the masked man stood on the shoreline awaiting the baby.

They awaken in darkness, unsure whether it is morning or not. Hungry, they go in search of food. A guard in the hallway guides them there. They find the kitchens and receive a bowl of "gray mud". A Holy Harvester there had been told to expect them and feed them.
I found a picture showing what it looks like:

They inspect the four daggers Tylendel is in possession of, at the end of one of the longtables. Eld is going to use them as a focus to locate BRAEK.
The other Holy Harvesters (and two young men in priestly vestments) are fearful and apprehensive as Tylendel simply puts the magical orb of light, Shadowbreaker, on the table in the dining hall below the earth, but none approach.

After this, Tylendel leads the way to the council chamber. The guards tell them the lord commanders are interrogating a fellow soldier named Witch Lights, but Tylendel convinces them to let them pass through anyway.

Inside, they find Syr Dostan, Syr Gombald and Black Jaquan at one end of the table. On the other end stands a young Holy Harvester with unruly brown hair and blue eyes between two Hallowed Riders. He is being interrogated for leaving the premises after curfew, and they wish to know what he's up to. Tylendel tries to help persuading him to talk, but all he reveals is that he is meeting a local man named Skryme Scarlet and that he would be killed if he said more. Eld seems to suspect he is having an affair. When no more answers are forthcoming, Syr Gombald impatiently tells the Hallowed Riders to take Witch Lights to a cell.

Tylendel begins to speak about Braek and other gods, and Syr Dostan dismisses Syr Gombald and Black Jaquan. Blaze-brew is filled in cups and mixed with water as they begin to talk. Tylendel explains that they need a private room where to perform a ritual to locate Braek. Syr Dostan offers them the room originally intended for the sleeping prophet Haskent, who now occupies Syr Dostan's chamber. Here, Tylendel tells Syr Dostan he has seen him in a dream months ago (years ago?) and later realizes Dostan may have been the young man who took the baby from the woman on the boat in this morning's dream. When Eld notices the wolf's head Tylendel saw on the tabards of the soldiers in the dream on Syr Dostan's scabbard, it seems confirmed. Tylendel asks Dostan to send a rider to the Arganhold to warn them hurry.

Eld performs ritual, ghost-like figures appear, dancing around him; he "finds" Braek - Duchess Orsebet lying in bed with one arm around Duke Harmond. She looks "back" at Eld, first annoyed, then with a sly smile. He explains to Tylendel what he saw. Eld feels drained, becomes very pale so his veins show starkly blue, but he survives. Tylendel brings him to bed and plans to get himself on a horse and speed off to the Arganhold….

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Online Session 23.07.2017 Recap
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