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 Online Session 16.09.2017 Recap

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PostSubject: Online Session 16.09.2017 Recap   Online Session 16.09.2017 Recap I_icon_minitimeSun 17 Sep 2017, 16:45

(Online Session 16.09.17) - the day continues:

Making sure Eld is all right, Tylendel leaves their chamber and finds his way outside. Syr Dostan is instructing Hallowed Riders along the temple's southern walls. Tylendel tells him he is going to the Arganhold for Braek, and that he needs a horse. Syr Dostan tries to convince him not to go, or at least not go alone, but Tylendel says he doesn't want to risk anyone else's life. Just before riding off, Tylendel asks, "Who was the baby in the boat?" and Syr Dostan, at first startled, replies, "Now you must make sure you will return." (Insinuating that he will tell Tylendel more then.)

Tylendel rides to Balénsaby, then crosses the Novíla and rides up the Rising Road.

When he comes to the place where he slew Kobian, he performs spells. First he tries to cast a spell of light on the blacksteel dirk Eämhyn forged. He believes the blade to absorb the magic - it does not begin to give light. He becomes sick , feeling as if he needs to vomit.
When he again employs sorcery to transform the blade of Red Dancer into blacksteel (but making it look like it always has - red), and finds himself not only sick but blinded as well: He cannot even see the darkness that lies like a heavy cloak over the Brindan Hills.
He finds and mounts his borrowed horse and lets it walk off, though he does not know which direction they are going. After a good while, the sickness resides, and the horse stops to eat. Even later, his sight returns and he finds himself in a gully with birch and oaks along one ridge. Leads the horse out of the gully. At the edge of a small wood, sees an abandoned, frozen hunter's cabin. He follows his horse's own track the way they came and finally returns to the road. He makes haste toward the Arganhold, not sure how many hours he has lost.

He arrives at last only to see an orange glow emanate from behind the citadel's mighty walls. He convinces a guard to let him inside, and he sees a large circle of people surrounding a funeral pyre. He spends forty minutes seeking out Dinja. On his way he encounters a knight of House Brysk; he tells him to be wary, that something is going to happen. He finds Dinja with the chef, Justina. They are listening to a priest reciting holy words of mourning for the deceased: the Duchess of the Citadel, Orsebet Horvath.
Tylendel asks Dinja to help him locate a certain dagger - it might be in the possession of anyone, any woman within the citadel. The priest speaks of the Duchess and her life while Dinja tells Tylendel that rumors are spreading about him and that some call him a "Ghost of Revenge". She also reveals that she kicked one fellow in the leg and told him to shut up.
Dinja goes off while Tylendel watches people disperse as the ceremony comes to an end. The Horvaths remain, watching embers fly. Walking over to the family, he is at first stopped for the Duke is not in the mood for any strangers, but Tylendel raises his voice, catching the Duke's attention and before long he has gathered the Duke and his nearest family in the northern keep's grand hall: Duke Harmond, his brothers Lord Harman and Lord Haralamb, the Duke's daughters Apell and Sarissa, their husbands Syr Aurel and Syr Decebal, Knights of the Citadel, the Duke's nephews, Marcon, Ionel and Costell (the heir of the hold); and Lady Sorina, Harman's wife.

He has the women draw blood from their hands with the blacksteel dirk Eämhyn forged. He asks them several questions about anyone acting suspicious after the Duke found his wife dead in their bed. Young Marcon Horvath wonders, "It's the end of the world, isn't it?" The two Knights of the Citadel offer to begin an investigation, starting with the guards.
Next Tylendel goes to the mess hall, but on his way Syr Aurel catches up with him, telling him that the guards did indeed experience something strange that lightless morning: Two knights left in a hurry, not even taking with them their fifty men. They said they "were going home" - Syr Bronys and Syr Harodor Balére. Tylendel tells Syr Aurel to continue his investigation and also find out more about this departure.

In the mess hall, he receives many stares, fear and wonder, and suspicion. In the kitchen next to the mess hall, Justina tells him about a strange incident; a female captain of the hold, Jitka, had come in that morning and thrown her head in a bucket. She drank deeply, then left. She staggered as if she had been up all night drinking.
Tylendel goes into Rovindeth, the south keep, is directed to the third door on the right on the second floor: Jitka's floor. "Standoff" with Tylendel on one side of the door and Braek in the room (as Captain Jitka). After much banter back and forth, Tylendel sprints past the door (which has opened) and throws his blacksteel dirk at Captain Jitka, standing in the middle of the chamber.

Tylendel sprints past the open door, throwing a dagger at the soldier woman standing in the room. Another fight between Tylendel and Braek ensues...
It's almost midnight, 21st of Frostmorn, 1344.

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Online Session 16.09.2017 Recap
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