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 Online Session 16.10.2017 Recap

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PostSubject: Online Session 16.10.2017 Recap   Online Session 16.10.2017 Recap I_icon_minitimeMon 16 Oct 2017, 23:34

Just after midnight, Tylendel hurries across the citadel grounds of the Arganhold while an army of wolves howls and snarls outside it walls....

Tylendel staggers over to the North Keep, where he witnesses a great commotion of soldiers, knights - and Duke Harmond in the midst of it, with a helmet forged in the likeness of a bear - he tells him that Braek's blacksteel "coffin" needs guards that do not under any circumstance touch it; Syr Decebal is given the duty by the Duke. Then he orders Patrik Vómir to take care of Tylendel. He is brought to the herald's chamber.
Here, Vomir helps him get his armor off. Then he lays down in the herald's bed and meditates for a few hours to get a rest. When he is done, he gets back into his armor and leaves the room. Outside, the Horvath guardsman Lukska awaits him and guides him out of the castle.

Lukska grabs a torch from one of the door guards and leads Tylendel up on the wall. They enter the northermost of the two towers flanking the gatehouse. Here Tylendel meets up with Syr Decebal who is overseeing the archers firing at the wolves below. Tylendel has a plan: To draw the wolves that are elsewhere around the citadel to the gatehouse by going out and showing himself. Syr Decebal does not dare to decide on the matter, and sends him to Duke Harmond, who occupies the southern tower (closer to Rovíndeth).
With Lukska in tow, Tylendel paces along the citadel wall, passing two archers sharing a joke while firing at wolves from a shorter, squat tower, arriving at last in the south tower. Like Syr Decebal's tower, the upper floor is surrounded by a wooden balcony where archers can shoot from, and a bronze bell hangs from the rafters. The duke is seated on a chair, Syr Aurel by his side, pondering his next move.

The duke asks if the black "coffin" needs more than ten guards, Tylendel says no. The Duke agrees: "Wolves first, coffins later."

Tylendel tells him his plan, and manages after some discussion to persuade the duke to grant him archers and spear-and-shield men. Within the hour they are gathered on the inside of the gatehouse. Tylendel gives a speech, then orders the gates opened. The moment the opening between the double doors is wide enough, a wolf slips inside only to meet Red Dancer. The hastily assembled company cheers.

Pushing the doors outward while fending off more wild wolves, Tylendel sees that they swarm about the gatehouse, around the nearby houses of Westgate Town, and about a hundred meters down the town's only street, he spots a white-pelted Manwolf.....

[It is approximately 03:00].

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Online Session 16.10.2017 Recap
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