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 Online Session Recap - 22.10.2017

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PostSubject: Online Session Recap - 22.10.2017   Online Session Recap - 22.10.2017 I_icon_minitimeSun 22 Oct 2017, 01:22

Tylendel leads the men out of the gate, forming a wedge of spear and shield. The Manwolf approaches and soon Tylendel finds himself in an uneven fight - the ferocious, growling beast of Braek attacks by raking at Tylendel.

The fight lasts for 22 desperate seconds; when Tylendel casts aside Red Dancer and pulls the dagger Howler, he slowly begins to gain the upper hand. He stabs the beast in the chest repeatedly; binds the Manwolf's arm with his shield to gain the advantage and finally manages to punch his dagger through the Manwolf's skull, crippling it.

Tylendel and Syr Decebal decide to pour one cask of oil in front of the gates, then use fire arrows. The fire spreads among the wolves and with Tylendel's leadership, the wolves are finally dispersed.

Tylendel convinces Duke Harmond to leave the Hold the next day - instead of waiting for Syr Bohumíl, off seeking survivors in the Howling Highlands. Greyoak then goes back to the herald's chamber in the north keep and falls promptly asleep, exhausted.

When he wakes up, a dream of a boat in a storm lingers in his mind. He pulls out Shadowbreaker to give himself the light he needs to find the decanter of water. Refreshed, he gets back in his armor as Dinja knocks on the door. She takes hm to the mess hall and grabs something to eat for him from Justina's adjoining kitchen. When Tylendel begins talking about whipped cream, she gets hungry herself and goes to grab a bite too. When she comes back, she sounds glum: "You're not going west, are you?"

After breakfast, they go outside where the Duke is busy preparing the convoy. Tylendel speaks with the Duke; 4-5 hours until he is able to leave the Hold. Tylendel and Dinja cross Naum's Ground to Rovíndeth. On the way they hear people sing For This Wheat and For This Rye.

In Jitka's chamber, he casts a spell to remove the weight from Braek's blacksteel coffin. He takes the guards with him, move it (feather-light) to the stables. Then, he and Dinja walk off. Dinja asks, "Ever had a bad dream?"

"All the time," Tylendel replies, tellng her about last night's dream of the boat in the storm. She says she dreamed of a small man ("shorter than me") who told her he's coming to take her. And then she woke up. Tylendel shaves off the beard he gained from casting the sorcery in Jitka's chambers.

While he waits for the convoy to get ready, Tylendel overhears someone say that the Heir, a Moonguard soldier, rides with Syr Bohumíl. He also learns that Erik the Rose, a high-ranking priest of Tamolyn, is in the Arganhold. Eventually he goes to speak once more to Duke Harmond. The Duke's brother Haralamb appears and explains that the convoy is ready to move. The gates are opened. Tylendel joins the rearguard, riding among men of different Barosían Houses (he recognized the coat-of-arms of House Bhoris, House Zhiven and House Karklin).

Ever so slowly, the column trudges out through the Argahnhold gate, the soldeirs on the flanks watching the encroaching darkness......

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Online Session Recap - 22.10.2017
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