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 Online Session Recap - 10.01.2018

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PostSubject: Online Session Recap - 10.01.2018   Online Session Recap - 10.01.2018 I_icon_minitimeWed 10 Jan 2018, 14:52

Tylendel Greyoak and Syr Dostan Anpetór are on their way to the Holy Hill to entomb Lady Braek, while Syr Gombald Nobry rides down to meet Duke Harmond Horvath, who has arrived with his train of Barosían survivors.

The group crossed the bridge over the chasm. When they passed a pawnbroker's ruined house Tylendel overheard muffled conversation from that building's backyard. Sneaking into an alley he found a snowed-under crate to stand upon, from which he could look into the backyard, surrounded by brick walls.

Inside, he encountered three Wardens of Tamolyn - the acolyte priest Bogomir, and the two shield wardens, Despina and Skryme Scarlett. He convinces Bogomir to reveal that they work under orders of Syr Gylian Urunmyst, the Grosskomtur, who is still alive - and on a mission. His mission is to find and hide anything of value in Bormost and bury it for "better days". Tylendel convinces them to stop digging (they are trying to bury a strongbox loaded with books, scrolls and such) and take the box back to Syr Gylian. They agree to meet at the Ingham mansion the next day, so Tylendel can meet Syr Gylian.

Later, when they have almost reached the gate of the Holy Hill, they are suddenly met by a speeding Dust Áhar arrow. It rams into Stanov, who pulled a two-wheeled cart with shovels, rope and pickaxes. He loses his grip and topples backward into the cart.
"Run for the wall!" Tylendel shouts, and they follow him - the arrow came from the Holy Hill's gatehouse. Once in its shadow, they decide to make a run for a nearby house - seemingly a well-to-do merchant family's - where they intend to make a stand in the kitchen. Tylendel spies on the outside from the kitchen window, and sees five gibbering Night People come toward the house, two with bastard swords, one with a knife, one with a half-strapped leather cuirass...and all plunging through the house's entrance only to meet Tylendel's blade. Heads fly, blood sprays, and after ten seconds Syr Dostan says "I don't know what I'm more impressed by - their stupidity or your lightning reflexes." Tylendel replies a non-chalant agreement with this.

After this quick dispatch Syr Dostan takes his remaining three Holy Harvesters to pick up poor Stanov and the cart, to hurry back to the Temple of Summer to try and save Stanov, and report that there are still enemies even in this ward of the city.

Tylendel, after some consideration, decides to cross the wall surrounding the Holy Hill. He sneaks up in the darkness to the main entrance, where he hears someone talking the Áhari tongue down below. A little while later, a Lost Cultist and an Áhar arrive by one of the stairs in the vestibule, the cultist carrying a torch. Tylendel has placed Braek's floating coffin in the middle of the vestibule, so that when the two enemies appear, they see it and are too surprised to notice the shadow detaching itself from a corner to slam a dagger into the cultist's neck. The Áhar, shocked, is dispatched just as fast. He enters the nave where he picks up the remains of Hazel Whisper.

Tylendel brings Braek's coffin down to the lowest levels of the tombs, finds a suitable chamber, and begins the process of sealing Braek's coffin using sorcery. He tells the dessicated corpse of Hazel that he is sorry to make her the guardian of Braek's tomb and plants a kiss on her forehead. Tylendel is going to fill the chamber with heated blacksteel.
He also uses his magical powers to engrave the following words, five centimeters deep, on the wall of blacksteel that will fill 4/5 of the chamber (with Braek's coffin inside):

This is the tomb and prison of Braek
The Lady of Winter
Murderer and traitor
Let all who are righteous guard this place
Let her never bring death to the Empyre again
Keep warm, to counter her power
Walk in the light, to banish her shadow
All honour Lady Hazel Whisper
Who was tasked with forever guarding this tomb
All honour Lady Hazel Whisper
Whose faithfulness was rewarded with eternal guardianship

Then, he begins the casting of this complex, demanding sorcery. The sorcery is in fact so demanding that he ages physically by seventeen months (one year and five months). It takes him one and a half hour to complete the magic.

It is about 04:00 in the morning.

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Online Session Recap - 10.01.2018
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