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 Online Session Recap - 25.01.2018

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PostSubject: Online Session Recap - 25.01.2018   Online Session Recap - 25.01.2018 I_icon_minitimeThu 25 Jan 2018, 15:53

Online Session 25.01.2018

Tylendel has collapsed, it's 04:00 in the morning, in a tomb beneath the Holy Hill, where he has entombed Lady Braek behind a wall of black steel.

Tylendel rolls EN/TN 6 to determine how long he sleeps. He sleeps for eight hours. It's 12:00 on Frostmorn, 24th. Upstairs, in the vestibule, the corpses of the Dust Áhar and the cultist have been chewed on.

(Tylendel has no idea of what time it is)

Tylendel returns to Duke Emon's mansion by Duke Gorah's Ride, scrounging the tower for any food. He finds a package of food hidden behind some wooden cups in a cupboard. He goes outside, first to the Holumeger Gate, then outside the mansion. After an hour, none have arrived and he decides to go back up to the Temple of Summer.

He goes down to the mess hall in the cellar of the south tower and gets a large helping of a not-particularly-tasty cabbage stew. In the kitchen he meets two Holy Harvesters and an Acolyte of Summer. One of the harvesters promises him stew as soon as it is boiling.

Syr Dostan arrives, having heard of Tylendel's return, but waits patiently for Tylendel to finish his meal.

They discuss the latest events, then Syr Dostan gets Tylendel a barber (apprentice barber / Holy Harvester) who shaves Tylendel's beard, which appeared over night due to the magical aging.

He finds some wine and food and goes back to the mansion of Duke Emon to await the Wardens.

Coming back down Duke Gorah's Ride, he sees five men await him: Bogomir of Cerkant, Skryme Scarlett, and three more Wardens of Tamolyn. Bogomir has one of them blindfold Tylendel and then spin him around a few times to disorient him - but having grown up in the district and being very perceptive, he - if only barely - manages to deduce where they take him, despite several detours, zig-zags, and backtracking.

They take off his blindfold once he is inside a holdfast, where he sees a hallway with several doors and one more Warden guarding a double door. He recognizes a painting on one wall, depicting the city, and knows he has walked here once before, a long time ago, as a child.

He is taken to the holdfast's Great Hall and meets Syr Gylian Urunmyst and his retinue. A minstrel just finishes singing "When in Winter I Cry" as Bogomir escorts Tylendel here.

"Welcome, young Greyoak," Syr Gylian says. "The last time I saw you, you were half as tall, and less than half as famous."

Fire burns in two fireplaces, and from the nearby kitchens comes the smell of roasting meat: "When the darkness descended, it just couldn't stop its bleating. Was a hard thing, to have its throat slit. Was our last goat," Syr Gylian, the Grosskomtur of the Wardens of Tamolyn, says. In the corner between the hall's two longtables lie two lean dogs in chains. They did not make a sound. Tylendel saw an Imlia tapestry - this triggered more memories, and he realized he had been taken to the keep of Syr Theo, a knight of House Imlia, in the North Ward.

Tylendel is seated across the Grosskomtur. As bowls and spoons are brought out, others come to sit at the table: White-haired Syr Besarth, Syr Mergrim, Syr Valdor Wenzel, the priestess Ira, Karlon Rymés, the Golden Faith's companion, and Bogomir. They eat goat soaked in a brown sauce, and though Tylendel ate a huge helping of cabbage stew at the Temple of Summer, there is room for more. One man remains standing in a shadowy corner.

Syr Gylian is nowhere near as fat as his cousin, the petty lord Josk - his skin hangs in flaps. Tylendel remembers him as grossly fat, a long time ago. Syr Gylian says he was a friend of Syr Artell Marnen, but that particular conversation didn't go anywhere. The two talk about many things, jumping between topics. Tylendel learns a little bit more about the Grosskomtur and his mission to save as much as he can of the city, and realizes the Grosskomtur is not intending to bend before the Creeping God. Speaking with a somewhat flowery language, Syr Gylian makes it clear they are going to resist until the last breath has been drawn.

Tylendel and Syr Gylian exchange some information on the Night People and the Cultists.
Syr Gylian promises to assist Tylendel in his endeavors, and Tylendel gives them a speech to inspire hope in them. Then the Grosskomtur announces that he is tired of the "glaring blaze of the firepits and will retire". Accompanied by the man in the corner, he leaves the great hall.

Bogomir takes Tylendel to a wardrobe full of crates and bags and sacks and barrels and junk and an old Imlia shield, and opens the strongbox he had tried to bury in the pawnbroker's backyard up in Slechton.

Tylendel sits down, by the light of Shadowbreaker, to look through the strongbox's contents, hoping for any thing that can help him in his fight against the Creeping God....

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Online Session Recap - 25.01.2018
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