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 Online Session Recap 24.02.18

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PostSubject: Online Session Recap 24.02.18   Online Session Recap 24.02.18 I_icon_minitimeSun 25 Feb 2018, 00:52

Tylendel stays in the wardrobe with the strongbox, reading a heap of documents - scrolls and books. At midnight, he returns to the great hall. Only two guardsmen and an Áhar servant remain. Tylendel asks the servant if he has heard any legends of a city called "Thalantár" (based on what he read in Filip of Molanza's The Age of the Dragon Kings), but the Áhar politely says he hasn't.

One of the guardsmen takes him up to a prepared chamber in the Tower of the Iron Wolf, where the Grosskomtur and his command also have chambers.Putting himself to bed, he begins to meditate, trying to focus on the woman he believes to be his grandmother.

Sees her walk, back bent, against the wind, on a broken pathway along cliffs where waters break; it is not dark though it realistically should be (or close to dawn). He moves his will closer to her, then says, “I’d offer to help you, but I’m afraid I’m not here.”
Without displaying emotion, she replies, “Who are you?”

Tylendel replies he has many names. Suddenly he feels the gust of wind, the taste of saltwater on his lips. He tells her a little about himself - he has been the steward of an Imperial Province, he has defeated a god - and the old woman replies, "Nothing less?"

In this mystical half-dream, Tylendel hovers before the old woman on the broken, steep cliff path - and they converse. She was the mother of Tyra. She was found adrift in her vessel by Slaer of Andskoth, who brought her home to her mother. There, Tyra lived for a number of years, grieving. In time, her mother arranged a marriage for her, to a man known as the Ravencaller. "He was a shaman, like..priests in the Empire. Every island has a Ravencaller."

Then, one day, Tyra died, and her mother blames the Ravencaller. Tylendel's grandmother also revealed what Tyra had told her: That she was on her way home with a baby, and that the baby was taken from her by a "man who looked like a monk and had a staff" and a "man who looked like a ghost."

Furious with the revelation that the Ravencaller may have murdered his mother, Tylendel continued his meditation by seeking out this Ravencaller. He came to a great island, crescent-shaped and nearly cut in half by a deep, dark fjord. At the end of the fjord, a fortress was built into the rock, with two towers flanking a great door. Moving inside, he finds a great hall with about thirty Skygglanders feasting. The Ravencaller is easy to pinpoint: He wears a raven-feather cloak and has a blue faded tattoo of a raven above his left eye. His hair is a slightly darker hue than the others in the hall. His eyes are gray and he wears silver rings on his fingers.

When Tylendel begins intimidating him, he runs off to his chambers, grabs his amulet of bone so hard he crunches some of its bones, while Tylendel keeps threatening him. Tylendel is convinced the man lies when he says Tyra slipped and fell off a cliff. Eventually he admits, by calling out, “All right, I pushed her!!!”

He throws the bone amulet to a wall, waves his arms around, then runs back to the great hall. Here a fellow who tried to enter his chamber a little earlier tells the others what’s going on, then he rushes back into the hall and there’s commotion and finally one burly Skygglander knocks him out, breaking the Ravencaller’s nose.

At that, Tylendel tries to speak with another Skygglander whom he believes is their leader, but to no avail. Then he breaks his concentration and finds himself back in a chamber in Syr Theo's holdfast in the North Ward of Bormost.

Some time later he wakes up and finds his way down to the great hall, passing the Áhar servant on his way. He asks the servant who his Khapa was, and the Áhar replies he belonged to the Ravenclaw Tribe.

He enters the great hall just as Skryme Scarlett slams a fist on the table, upset for some reason. He leaves by the kitchen, and Tylendel sits down with Syr Gylian Urunmyst and his silent companion. They begin to talk, and Tylendel has many questions for the Grosskomtur, relating to ancient history and myths.

After their conversation, and Tylendel was given a breakfast, Syr Gylian agrees to consider allying with the Prophet of Ensalm if Tylendel can bring back one of his strongboxes that the Prophet has unearthed. Tylendel will go speak with Duke Harmond Horvath, now quartered in Bormost as well, and ask if any of his fighting men would stay behind to defend Bormost instead of leaving for the west.

Tylendel and Syr Gylian discussed The Eight Scripture (and its mention of a "ghost of a dragon king"), the dwarf Bug (Duke Amos Oldrich's servant), The Codex of the Lost, where Waldor Wogan found the Creeping God's Bane and his relation to Eron Greenblade, and they discussed the mysterious religious mural found on the outer walls of a temple east of Syr Theo's holdfast.

Some of Syr Gylian's words that shed light on some small mysteries from this late breakfast around the table:

“As it happens, I’m a great admirer of The Eighth Scripture. It may be the shortest of them, but it holds some of the most beautiful poetry ever written down. What do you wish to know?”

“Ah, The Book of Yahyon. Not as thrilling in its prose as the poems, but still a worthwhile read, though perhaps not as intriguing as some of the stories in the Seventh Scripture.”
“I remember that part. The story is all about Yahyon wandering the land and meeting diverse people. He has some words of wisdom for them all. You know the saying mothers use when they put their children to bed, about “Sleep tight, sleep well, in your dreams you are the king?” It’s from The Book of Yahyon, it is.”

“He meets the ghost toward the end of the story. It is meant to represent the prophet’s death, I believe. The end of his journey.”
“I can only assume the ghost is of a Dragon King, you’ve probably heard of them? I know there’s been some discussion among those more wise than me, as to the meaning of the ghost’s warning. I believe the general consensus is a warning to not et other gods encroach upon your faith."

“There are a number of such murals around Bormost.”

“I believe that one is supposed to depict a fight between holy warriors of Barosía, fighting a wicked enemy. Have you heard of the Crow-king and his Crow Men? That’s what it looks like to me. It’s old, really old, I think. Someone painted over it, at one point. Painted a Warden’s shield on it.”

“That verse is from the Chronicle of Merbus, actually. It’s from the chapter where the gods leave the world and set the Lost God to guard the Twilight Gate. Upon becoming the guardian he became the Giver and Taker of Life.”

“Yes, it seems strange, now that you make me think of it. The verse doesn’t match the imagery.”
“Maybe it’s supposed to be the Lost God, then, fighting…the Crow-king, or…the Creeping God?”

“I remember that the High Priest had asked the monks in Bosholm to help locate some lost weapon. Once they learned where it was, they paid the brother of that brigand, the Stronghammer, to go get it for them. I believe Waldor opened some forgotten, ancient burial mound somewhere in his brother's barony. In the Thorn Hills.”

“I do recall Syr Arlind being upset about this endeavor.”

"He was aided by an outlaw, Eron Greenblade."

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Online Session Recap 24.02.18
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