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 Campaign Patch 250218

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PostSubject: Campaign Patch 250218   Sun 25 Feb 2018, 08:17

* The campaign soundtrack X: A New Dawn for War has had track Syr Morenfog and Pain properly retagged and renamed to Fate of a Prophetess. [Fairly neat track, though!]

* The campaign soundtrack XIV: Rise and Fall has had track The Thom Mollíon Incident properly retagged and renamed to Lord Commander Mollíon Sleeps.

* A zip [RevisedMoonguardAlbumCovers]with revised album covers for The Moonguard Campaign soundtracks #1 - #26 has been added to Dropbox.

The intent with this revision is to bring the album covers more in line with actual campaign content; make them look more like they belong to the story. Forgiveness is asked for some of the crude Photoshopping Smile


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Campaign Patch 250218
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