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 Online Session Recap 26.02.2018

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Tylendel leaves Syr Theo's Holdfast with a Warden shield and finds his way to Oakstreet and the North Ward Council Hall, where Duke Harmond Harvoth has set up his quarters.
Inside, he meets up with the duke, his brothers, his son-in-law knights and some of the other lords. When Tylendel mentions that the Sirry Lake may hold sturgeon to feed the duke's people, the Duke realizes it would be wise to perhaps move west to the Javon River, and then follow it south to follow the coast toward the Heidenmark (instead of crossing land) - then they may have supplies in the form of fish, crabs and other seafood.

Tylendel asks for Wilmar Wick, the priestly brother of Syr Rhanmar. Patrik Vomir, the steward of Arganhold, checks the lists and tells him he's been quartered at The Wayward Boar, a tavern on a nearby corner. Once there, he meets Ëamhyn the Armorer who is a quartermaster now and present to search the premises for anything useful. Talking to the smith and the priest - who is desperately in search of alcohol - some ancient tales are shared of the Brentonni, and Ëamhyn inspects both Red Dancer and one of the daggers. He is certain they are ancient, and suggests that the dagger may be made of "moonstone". He also reveals that there is umberstone in the pommel of Red Dancer, and Wilmar reveals that the blade has been a Wick heirloom for as long as anyone remembers - until his brother gifted it to Lord Commander Thom Mollíon.

After spending an hour or two with them (Ëamhyn is meticulous in studying the strange weapons), Tylendel takes farewell but not before Ilka rushes forward and asks about Eld.
After this, he finds Dinja in a small house with, among others, Justina and a Bhoris archer. He tells her what's going on, she tries to convince him to come with her, he gifts her a wooden practice sword, they part.

Tylendel walks up Griffin Street, through Town's Heart, drops by the Ingham mansion to pick up his Moonguard tabard, then goes to the Temple of Summer. On his way he sees Holy Harvesters and Horvath men alike, patrolling the district (Nobry has lent Horvath 200 men).

Here, he learns that Haskent has been awake for an hour - he goes to find him in his chamber, his bed encircled by Syr Dostan, Black Jaquan and Syr Gombald. Haskent says they were just talking about Tylendel's exploits. Black Jaquan obviously thinks Tylendel is a bit boisterous. They speak about Syr Gylian Urunmyst's presence, and about the Duke, and who will join who and who is going to go west. Tylendel also mentions Witch Lights having had something going on with Skryme Scarlett, and Syr Gombald says they'll have to ask him to come out of his cell and talk a bit more.

After a while, Haskent bids the others go so he can talk to Tylendel in private.
Haskent had a vision. A man who believes himself to be a hero is coming; a broken company comes from the northeast; a knight comes south from the Howling Mines with more survivors; those with power and the powerless alike are drawn to Bormost now, in the darkness - in the "Nocternity", as Count Ales Malion named it.
...and Parafor is pounding on Bormost's walls, but Haskent is holding him back by the Will of the God. "This is why I must put all my faith in you, my friend. I hold the wall, and you must hold the blade."
Tylendel believes and suggests the Creeping God's target is the Holy Hill itself, for "it is a place of power."

After handing him his cup, Haskent reveals one more thing he saw:
"I saw a great tear in the earth. The land, ripped open. There is a secret there, waiting for you."

"Can you bring me Syr Dost..." Haskent falls asleep. Tylendel goes to find Syr Dostan and the others - the guardsman outside Haskent's chamber tells him they went to the hall they've made their headquarters.

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Online Session Recap 26.02.2018
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