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 Online Session Recap [07.03.2018]

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PostSubject: Online Session Recap [07.03.2018]   Online Session Recap [07.03.2018] I_icon_minitimeWed 07 Mar 2018, 11:53

Tylendel meets Syr Dostand and Syr Gombald in the former dining hall of the Temple of Summer.
Syr Gombald explains that the Host of the Prophet has lost a number of men to desertion, famine etc. They are losing ther horses fast.

There are about 12.000 Holy Harvesters left, 100 Disciples of the Iron Will, about 1.800 archers, 500 cavalry but less than half of them have mounts, and the engineers are down to 1.000.

"Even the animals are running out of food, I wager. The world is dying in this darkness," Syr Dostan says. The holy harvesters keep searching the city for useful items, but Syr Dostan realizes Syr Gylian Urunmyst has been there before him. They discuss whether Sirry could be used as a fallback point should they not be able to hold Bormost.
Tylendel:"If Bormost falls, I don't think we'll get to Sirry."

Could this be a new Age of Shadows? Are the Night People descendants of the Brentonni? What powers the Holy Hill, makes the Everspring Gardens warm? Does the Creeping God seek this power?It would be wise to remove the snow and ice making it easier to climb walls in the city.

Tylendel wonders where Sharth's seeing stone went, and explains to the two knights his dealings with that priest, who "defected" from Braek to Parafor.

Tylendel reveals that he was indeed the baby Syr Dostan helped kidnap. Syr Dostan goes down on one knee and begs his forgiveness, and receives it, one tears treaming down the Knight of Greywolf Hall's face. Syr Dostan tells Greyoak in clear words that he feels indebted to him for his crime (the baby kidnapping), though if he hadn't, they wouldn't be there now, to stop the rise of darkness. He pledges himself to Tylendel, even as he is sworn to Haskent.

Syr Kajin and Black Jaquan arrive with Witch Lights between them. Tylendel persuades him to tell the truth.

He reveals he lived in a village near the Peyulian Pass. He and a friend, Olévas, were forbidden to enter that pass, so they did, finding the Great Forest beyond (which the Anvarí call the Endless Woods). He explained how he lost Olévas and ended up in a gully where he saw strange, floating lights. When he found Olévas he told him, and his friend began calling him Witch Lights. Later, he returned to the gully and this time the lights grew larger and began speaking to him: “Your grave shall be wet and cold,” he heard. “Come to us,” they had pleaded, and Paskal was compelled and walked toward the lights. As he approached, they seemed to grow in size, and his head began to spin. Then he heard a different voice, as if a man and woman spoke the same words at the same time:  “Who is this young man who braves these haunted woods, all alone?”
“Paskal of the Peregrine Grove,” he replied. He knew he must be facing a holy being, whether a god or a spirit or a saint’s soul. He fell to his knees in the gully's bubbling stream. “Your time is not now, Paskal of the Peregrine Grove. And my time is not now. Wait until all hope has been purged.”
Syr Dostan sends him off again, promising better food and a better chamber. He wants him back as a soldier.

The knight and Tylendel remain in the dining hall. Tylendel tells him "visitors are coming", including Syr Bohumíl and a train of refugees, a broken company, a man who believes himself a hero.. Syr Dostan doesn't know who Syr Bohumíl is. He also doesn't know who Syr Ramon Duntry. Tylendel explains that Duntry had said that a female voice had guided him toward Barosía. Tylendel doesn't know whether Duntry can be seen as an ally, because Duntry was told by the same voice not to accompany Tylendel.
"Haskent told me something else as well, there is a great rift on the Great Plain that holds a secret that is waiting for me," Tylendel says. "I like uncovering secrets."
"What is Syr Bohumíl's goal, then? To become the Highlord of ash?" Syr Dostan wonders.
"I don't think so," Tylendel replies. The Knight of Riverroad is a good man, Tylendel believes, but "his blood is corrupted."
"So he is a potential threat," Syr Dostan surmises.
"Maybe," Tylendel replies, "Which is why I need to speak to him."

Syr Dostan asks if Tylendel wants food. They forget it as they begin discussing all the mysteries that abound, then Syr Dostan has a guard fetch them two wooden platters with stringy horsemeat.
Syr Gombald returns with two guards carrying a strongbox. "A strongbox of memories," Tylendel calls it as he looks through the mundane items inside - axe handles, bottles, a silver necklace, feathers, a blanket, undyed wool and other things. Syr Dostan comments on Syr Gylian's enterprise, "Foolish and beautiful."

Syr Dostan offers him and Eld a better chamber. Tylendel goes upstairs to the small room he shares with the comatose Eld and tries to meditate through dreams to seek out Syr Nathyn Evett, the Knight of Sylverton (now a baron in title).
He doesn't manage to make contact with Evett.

Then, he considers trying for Ipeshtir, the strange sky-sailor he had met in the Between. Deciding to try, he goes into a new meditative trance.
He doesn't manage to make contact with Ipeshtir.

Tylendel eventually goes to sleep, his head numb and his bones weary.

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Online Session Recap [07.03.2018]
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