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 Online Session Recap 10.03.18

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PostSubject: Online Session Recap 10.03.18   Online Session Recap 10.03.18 I_icon_minitimeSun 11 Mar 2018, 00:40

Tylendel wakes up in the Temple of Summer, and the world is just as dark as when he fell asleep. Eld lies on the bed next to him, his breathing steady, some color returning to his flesh. Tylendel feels weakened somehow, as if his muscles don't respond like they use to.
Tylendel tends to Eld. He then studies the Son - Artan Camrey's amulet. It is indeed of blacksteel. He tries to touch the amulet with the blacksteel dagger (the one Ëamhyn made for him) and is shocked; the same happens when he tries it with
Howler. When he lets the blacksteel dagger and Braek's dagger touch, nothing happens.

Tylendel goes down to the mess hall and eats with Syr Gombald Nobry and Black Jaquan. Tylendel talks about some of the fights he's been in, and asks Syr Gombald if he knows Syr Ramon Duntry. Syr Gombald knows only what Tylendel had told Syr Dostan the night before.

After breakfast, Tylendel finds a wheelbarrow, loads the strongbox on it, and walks all the way down to Syr Theo's Holdfast in the North, passing a group of four House Brysk archers before reaching the first of Syr Gylian's guard pickets.

He meets up with Syr Gylian in the great hall. Syr Gylian is sitting by the fireplace with a book on his lap (it turns out it his own journal in which he describes his deeds; he says it's the second-to-last thing he'll bury. Tylendel asks if the last thing is his sword, and he nods and says, "That, or my body.") An Áhar servant comes with a cup of wine for Syr Gylian; he gives it to Tylendel and tells the Áhar to go get him another one. "It is heavily watered down," Syr Gylian says, "It's only for the taste. Better than melted ice or dirty drinkwater."
Tylendel tells Syr Gylian a little about how the Camreys have been scheming for centuries, that Syr Bohumíl is alive and set to arrive (they also discuss briefly his relationship with "that fop" Adony) and that the Prophet's command are ready to meet with the Grosskomtur to hopefully set up an alliance in the Nobles' Ward and the Holy Hill - they cannot defend the entire city. Tylendel warns him that the Prophet is clever. Tylendel also explains to Syr Gylian that the cultists eat the flesh of their own (and not just the Night People).

After meeting Syr Gylian, Tylendel goes down to the North Ward Council House. On his way he meets two loitering peasants but he doesn't talk to them. In the council house, he meets Duke Harmond, the steward Patrik, the duke's two brothers, and Syr Comton. He updates them on Syr Bohumíl's arrival, that the prophet is fighting off the Creeping God, and other things. The duke tries once more to tell Tylendel to come with him west. The duke also reveals that they are feeling weaker (Tylendel has been feeling weaker all day).

Tylendel decides he wants to go and try liberate Duke Amos Oldrich from his cellar, but first he needs to get his "key" - Dinja. He finds her where he last saw her, a house near the Duke's base. She is ready and eager to help out, tells him Justina has been fetched to help serve food. On their way up Griffin Street she tells him that she has seen a man with a chalice tattooed on his chin.

Finally back in the Nobles' Ward, they enter Duke Amos' mansion the same way they did the last time. Dinja opens the door and they enter the littered "treasury" of the duke. Tylendel steps on a mummified hand as he enters, ancient bones crunching beneath him. At first it looks as if the Duke is gone, but Tylendel hears soft snoring and finds him partially submerged in his coins and trinkets and junk. He awakes, shouting "Please, father, not the straps!" Then asks for Bug, his servant (a question he repeats many times throughout the conversation that follows).

Tylendel realizes he has a scholar of ancient history on his hand, and begins to ask questions about the Age of Shadows, the gods, and the Brentonni. While the Duke serves him more than one non-sensical answer ("The Watchers of Old? I believe that's the Old-gilmon family") Tylendel is rewarded for his patience with some esoteric details...among other things, that there should be a stone tablet of Brentonni origin in the very chamber they occupy, with the name "Ruís" and the title "Lord of Night" inscribed into it. Tylendel and Dinja start a search. While sifting through strange and unusual things, as well as coins, gems and other valuables, Tylendel continues to hammer the old, mad duke with questions. He learns that the tablet had been found in the Silverhills and sold to Amos by Duke Aemrik Arsov.

After forty minutes of searching, Tylendel finds himself with an ancient Brentonni tablet fragment in his hands. Unfortunately, and to Tylendel's obvious displeasure, Duke Amos's "sight isn't what it used to be" and he "was never good with reading", but the duke nonetheless tries to translate it, pointing out the inscriptions he understands. ("I'm sorry, my translator..died." ^^)

Tylendel learns that Ruís and other aspects each have a gift, a unique ability, that sets them apart, and Ruís' is that he can "merge" - split his soul and move one portion to another soul and share that body. It could be similar to how Kobian carried a ghastly creature inside himself, or it could be similar to how Eld dreams.

Tylendel and Dinja search the cellar for a stone tablet Duke Amos mentions which features the words "Ruís" and "Lord of Night". He had bought it from Duke Aemrik Arsov "a long time ago", it was "found in the Silverhills." The Duke tries to translate what he can of it (
"I'm sorry, my translator died" ^^) - the tablet reveals that the gods have a unique gift each, and Ruís has the ability to "merge" (or "divide his soul", as in move one part of himself into another body, which could be interpreted both similar to how Kobian held a terrifying being inside, or Eld's dreamwalking.) Duke Amos' answers to Tylendel's barrage of questions are rambling but inbetween there a small nuggets like
"The Lord of Wolves was the son of Night", "The Lord of Night bade the Smith build him weapons," "No, no Lug was a god, they worshipped him," "There was a falling out, great war, you know the gods, intrigue, betrayals, blood...", "in the Age of Shadows there was great upheaval, and half of Brentonia vanished below the earth", "the temple (of Gablug Maístor) could be somewhere in Barosía"...

...but how much is Duke Amos recalling from his knowledge, and how much is an old, confused and mad man's attempts at showing off his scholarly prowess?

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Online Session Recap 10.03.18
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