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 Online Session Recap 02.04.2018

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PostSubject: Online Session Recap 02.04.2018   Online Session Recap 02.04.2018 I_icon_minitimeMon 02 Apr 2018, 22:08

The group leaves Griffin Gate, with everyone on foot after final preparations and quick greetings with the three knights, Decebal, Yaskar, and Erbin. Tylendel also meets the tracker, Yvan of Nurillia, wearing a red cloak with Syr Dakov of Bródford's sigil on the back, but he wears an inverted Horvath tabard over his aketon. The man leads on, telling Tylendel that "even a blind man can track the beast".

The men in the company begin to sing about hunting "Black Cuddles", and the archer who was promoted to captain, who Tylendel later learns is named Havel, is given the nickname "The Bear-eye".

They follow the beast's tracks to the Frog in the Bottle Inn, at the Balénsaby Crossroads, where it went down to follow the riverbank. The group tracked it north past the ruined chapel, all the way up to the village of Lish. Here, they finally found it in the town's central yard by a well. Under Tylendel's command, dozens of arrows were fired into the lumbering hulk. Tylendel ran around a few buildings to attack it from the rear, dealing a hefty cut into its thigh. With more arrows raining, it finally succumbed with a last whimper. The group was then ordered to butcher the beast for meat and scrounge the town for anything useful.

Everyone wanted to get a good look at the great beast; some of the soldiers took claws for trophies. Syr Yaskar came up to Tylendel's side and said "No wonder Kobian feared you so much." Tylendel shrugged and said it was just a big beast. "No," Syr Yaskar replied, "I talk about the way you command men." Tylendel noticed that the knight had a skeletal dragon embroidered on the left arm of his mantle.

The group eventually returned toward Bormost. En route, Yvan was asked to check for more tracks around the chapel. He came back telling Tylendel he found a trapdoor and more splintered shafts the beast had tried to rub off on the chapel's remaining walls.

As they re-enter Griffin Gate, where the Prophet's engineers are busy doing repairwork, they are met by lord Harman Horvath who is amazed by Tylendel. He immediately sends someone to notify the duke.

Tylendel and his crew drag the bear's head and meat (pulled on scrounged carpets and blankets from Lish) to the North Ward Town Council where they are greeted by a sleepy duke who is once more impressed by the Greyoak, offering him anything in return. Worn and tired, Tylendel is given food and drink and a chamber for the night, complete with a bucket of warm water and lit candles - a luxury in these trying times.

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Online Session Recap 02.04.2018
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