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 Online Session Recap 20.04.18

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PostSubject: Online Session Recap 20.04.18   Online Session Recap 20.04.18 I_icon_minitimeFri 20 Apr 2018, 13:44

Opening Scene:
Havel says, "I want to thank you for aiding me, my lord. I do not have anything to give you, but you have my thanks."

Tylendel's Plan:

Visit Duke Amos Oldrich's mansion again. The Duke is back and has locked himself back into his vault, but Tylendel has the key (given to him by Bug at Summergate).

On the way, he meets Syr Comton and six soldiers. Four of them carry two dead soldiers. One of the dead has a crossbow bolt through his throat, the other was stabbed and bled to death before he could be found and is red with blood all over. Syr Comton tells Tylendel the Cultist got away, but not before he managed to snatch something off the hooded fellow. Syr Comton hands Tylendel a bronze mask.

Tylendel re-enters the Oldrich mansion through the kitchen door, passes through the great hall, finds his way down the ladder, opens the lock with Bug's key (using the code that Oldrich revealed earlier) and finds the old man half-buried beneath his treasures, snoring softly. He tells the duke that he needs to help - Bug said that the Duke knows how to stop this darkness that is weakening and killing people.

Duke Amos Oldrich thinks he may indeed know something, but first Tylendel must find quill, ink, and parchment. Once he has, the Duke asks him to write down "Remember to try and figure out what I can do about this darkness", so Duke Amos won't forget to try and think about it. Tylendel puts it on a wall and cleans the nearby floor for trinkets and baubles. The duke sits down to concentrate, and Tylendel walks around trying to find some book to read. First he finds a book on politics, then On the Green Sea, and then a mathematics book which he decides to study.

Duke Amos keeps thinking and pacing. Tylendel grows frustrated. He tries to meditate, but is too frustrated to focus. He climbs up the ladder, finds some old but still servicable wine, taps it into a cup and goes to stand by the kitchen entrance to sip. They discuss a little bit inbetween; both seem to agree that, somehow, light is what is needed to drive away the darkness - a logical conclusion. Tylendel tells the Duke about the assassination of the God-king and that the Holy Throne is vacant; Duke Amos Oldrich reiterates that Tylendel was raised to be a foil to the intricate schemes of the Camreys. There is some connection, Duke Amos thinks... "Could you be not just a harbinger of justice, but also a bringer of light?"

The Duke finds a stack of books and begins leafing through them, occasionally muttering sentences (like "Please father, not the straps").

Tylendel begins to clean up the basement, sorting items into categories while the Duke continues searching for answers he thinks he has ... somewhere, either in a book or in his brain. While cleaning he finds a silver statuette of a raven, perfume, empty wine bottles, an empty silver pipeweed, a pouch of bone dice and more.

Eventually, Duke Amos decides Tylendel has to go to the Between and "release light from imprisonment, in the place of shadows..." Duke Amos suggests that maybe a priest can give him additional information. Tylendel says that "I am the key to the Twilight Gate", so he'll fix this somehow.

Tylendel decides he's learned enough and leaves. Before he goes he goes upstairs and fetches more wine for the old man. The duke asks him, if he sees Bug again, to tell him that he loved him as a son. He locks the door to the basement . Upstairs, he covers the trapdoor with debris; Duke Amos told Tylendel he wanted to die among his treasures, and thanks him for letting him do just that. He finds an empty bottle and fills it with wine.

Tylendel strolls up to the Temple of Summer. Here he sees men belonging to Syr Gylian and Duke Harmond and he guesses that the meeting Harmond spoke of, is taking place. First he walks up to the council hall but the guards tell him they are not allowed to let anyone enter. Tylendel tells them to give Syr Dostan a message: "Tell Syr Dostan I will try to bring back the light."

He goes to his new chambers, lights a fire, and decides to try to reach the Between, focusing on 'finding the Light'.

Dawn / No Moons Visible / Light forest, wisps of light float in the air; floating rocks further above; insects buzzing. Moist, warm air.

Tylendel finds himself here, but without his armor and weapons. Instead, he has a blanket wrapped around him. He throws it over his shoulder and goes toward the sound of bubbling water. The smell of fresh forest air, the texture of bark and the needle-carpeted forest floor is refreshing until he finds the creek, which...runs red with blood. He begins to follow the creek, against the stream. He finds tracks of deer but they seem to be twice, maybe thrice, as large as they should be. Later, he finds a bush laden with heavy, large berries with a silvery surface. He crushes one and finds that they have a pungent stench, so he leaves them be.

The terrain becomes more rugged; more rocks, covered in blue-green moss. He finds what looks and smells like blueberries growing in the moss. Taking a small taste, he finds that it tastes more like vanilla than blueberries. The creek rushes down the slopes here, and the trees begin to thin. He plucks himself a handful and eats them while he continues to walk. He reaches a place where forest ends and mountainous, pyramid-shaped hill continues; he sees that the crown is obscured by misty clouds. A four-meter long centipede passes him by, giving him the shivers. He finds a moss-covered stone and sits down, and meditates again, focusing on finding where light is being kept. He opens his eyes at the same place as he hears flapping wings; a giant butterfly has landed on a nearby tree. After a while, the beautifully patterned and colored giant flies off.

He tries to meditate again. After a while he feels rain begin to patter on his head, and the air grows moister and colder. He continues to meditate. Tylendel returns to consciousness as his clothes are soaked through with cold rain. He opens his eyes, and sees he must be in some cloud; everything is grey. He puts his blanket over his head, sodden as it is. Scanning the haze, he finds a place where the light seems less intense; he goes there and finds a massive block of stone composed of smaller square stones; they are grey so light as to be almost white. A creek of blood runs through a ditch from underneath the cube. On one side, a rectangular slab looks like a door.

Tylendel tries to look inside the cube by putting his head under the hole where the blood comes running, but sees only a white light; he tries to push open the door and knock on it. He hears wings flap, the sound of a large bird, and sees a silhouette circle him in the haze above.

It seems that whatever it is, it is circling downward. Tylendel decides to try sorcery, wondering how it will work here. As the thing in the sky circles lower, Tylendel uses sorcery to turn a portion of the doorway-like block of stone to sand; and as it collapses into sand, a huge blastwave sends Tylendel flying, along with pebbles, stone tiles, his eyes melting out of his skull, his ears assaulted by a horrifically loud sound as of an explosion - and he falls backward, head hitting the floor of the sleeping chamber in the Temple of Summer.

Syr Dostan is at the door quickly, worried, and he enters and helps Tylendel to the window, where the Greyoak vomits. Tylendel is still soaked and cold, and tells Syr Dostan to go see to the Prophet who might be in danger as well. Soon, the darkness of Barosía seeps back into his bones. Tylendel mutters, "I'vegot to stop doing that."Soldiers bring him water, something to eat, some cloth etc. He shifts into dry clothes. Sees his wine bottle has toppled, but most of the wine is still inside. Then he goes to Haskent's chambers.

Syr Dostan states that Haskent's state is the same; one of the Summer Priests is tending to the old prophet, keeping a wet cloth on the man's brow. "Where does imprison light?" Tylendel wonders. "Is that a philosophical question?" Syr Dostan asks.

They do end up talking in a somewhat philosophical manner over Haskent's bed; "The most insidious vanguard....darkness." Syr Dostan explains that he has met Syr Gylian and Duke Harmond and that they will work to help each other, by sending the wounded and the weak to Sirry and prepare the defenses, which will include trying to get rid of the ice on the Novíla where it flows past the harbor district.

Tylendel returns to his room - with a new blanket (the sodden one was left behind in the blast), tries to meditate, is too tired, and falls asleep....

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Online Session Recap 20.04.18
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