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 Recap Online Session 26.04.18

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PostSubject: Recap Online Session 26.04.18   Recap Online Session 26.04.18 I_icon_minitimeThu 26 Apr 2018, 13:38

Tylendel is dreaming of Bormost as it was during its height, when he himself was younger. He sees the crowds, the splendor of knights riding past, banners fluttering in the wind, merchants hawking their wares etc.
Then he gets a feeling that he is being watched which leads to him waking up to find someone else in the chamber with him (aside from the comatose Eld, that is).

He wakes up to find a robed man by the hearth, feeding it planks.
"Planks. Not the best firewood. To think that we're surrounded by forests. The Westwood, just outside the city's western walls. The forests of the Silver Meadows. The Breys. The Great Forest," he says.He asks where Tylendel got the name 'Greyoak' and Tylendel explains. He asks if he can go fetch him food and parchment for a interview. He tells Tylendel he wishes to ease the minds and calm the hearts of people who keep spreading a number of differing rumors about Tylendel at a sermon at the newly restored nave where the lords of the prophet have promised to attend.

The man returns with a platter of food, a cup of water, and parchment, quill and ink and sits down by the table. "You feel it too, don't you," he says when he sees how weak Tylendel has become. The man begins asking questions, about everything really - the battle of the Vales, his relationship to Syr Artell, his service for the High Priest Kasimir Sasaska, his service in the Moonguard. He wants to find some good examples that will help him "set the record straight" and stop the rumors surrounding Tylendel that wax him.

They talk for a while, the robed man conducting his interview, Tylendel answering. Eventually the visitor looks at an hourglass he had in his robes and says his time is up but that the interview was useful. He asks if Tylendel will come to the sermon, but understands that "a living legend may not have time for sermons."

The visitor holds a sermon which makes everyone present - the nave is filled with the Prophet's men - listen attentively. He weaves a tale, using a peaceful river as a metaphor, and speaks of not adding to the darkness by spreading lies and rumors, which eventually brings him Tylendel. The priest uses the answers he got from Tylendel to clear away some of the rumors and show that he is indeed a loyalist of the Empire. After the sermon, they sing a hymn to the Lady of Summer before the sermon is over.

Syr Dostan spots him and walks over, have a talk.
"What do we do if our best isn't good enough?" Tylendel asks. "That, my friend, is one hell of a question," Syr Dostan replies.
A troop of Holy Harvesters have been stationed on the Holy Hill, but no message has come that indicates Syr Gylian Urunmyst has moved his force there as he said he would.

Syr Dostan: "It feels not just like we're witnessing the end, but waiting for it. The end of you, of me, the prophet, the lords, everyone."
Tylendel: "This province."
Syr Dostan: "Eras.."

Tylendel walks toward the altar. Sees the cloth that covers the altar, it depicts a beautiful environment with the Lady of Summer dipping a toe in a serene stream. While he ponders there in the flickering lights of the braziers on the dais, the doors below the gallery open and Syr Dostan returns, holding a tiny scroll. "My lord, a message from Duke Harmond Horvath. Syr Bohumíl of, ah, Riverroad? He arrived in the night."

Syr Dostan escorts him back to his chambers and offers to stand guard outside the door (after what happened yesterday) - Tylendel decides to make one more attempt at entering the Between to "find the light".

Tending to the fire, he sits down to meditate. Weakened (and not allowed to roll Destiny dice this time), he doesn't manage to focus enough to enter the Between. He tries again, and this time it works...

...and he finds himself in yet another location he hasn't seen before. This time, he finds himself on a steep slope, far up a spear-like mountain peak. Many other peaks jut up from thick clouds half a kilometer below. Bands of light float through the air, like strings of orange, blue, green, red... there are no birds or vegetation. His peak is covered by an impossibly massive stone construction, a span that ends atop another such mountain peak. He sees that its surface is rough and uneven, composed of many smaller stones not unlike those that made up the cubes in that other place in the Between he visited yesterday. He starts to climb this gargantuan bridge of stone which looks like a portal.

As he comes to the bend where it is possible to walk more than climb, he notices that the span is flanked by broken obsidian pillars. He closes in on one of them to inspect it and finds a drawing engraved into it - of an open hand holding numerous figures representing what looks like people. He moves on.
He discovers that a flat area that is part of the span's center is covered with engraved mouths. Just as he is about to leave he notices something in the mouths - another mouth. Looking closer, he discovers that there's a mouth in the second mouth as well.

As evening falls, he spots first one moon, then two, then three, then four: One is huge and solid blue but for some black specks on its surface, directly overhead; another is small and white and orange; a third is grey with a glow to it.. and then he spots a fourth moon, barely visible due to its darkened surface, only its edge visible in the fading distant evening light. "Here I am on the Twilight Gate, at twilight. Now what?" Tylendel wonders.

He sits down and crosses his legs.

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Recap Online Session 26.04.18
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