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 Recap Online Session 09.05.2018

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PostSubject: Recap Online Session 09.05.2018   Recap Online Session 09.05.2018 I_icon_minitimeWed 09 May 2018, 23:42

The conversation between Tylendel Greyoak and the Crow-king continues, and though the little man is hesitant to speak, Tylendel manages to learn a great deal:

  • The Crow-king was born during the Age of Shadows into a tribe living off the lakes in the northern Sea of Reeds.
  • The light returned when he was young, blinding him; so he lived at the very end of the Age of Shadows.
  • The Crow-king's goal is to eradicate all Imperials from the east.
  • Raised to become the tribe's shaman, he was "special" because he was a dwarf.
  • Confirmed that the ship on the slope (Remheck) came from the Between.
  • The Aspects fled from the Between.
  • The Between, due to its nature, is malleable by sharp, focused minds.
  • The Creeping God is always hungry for power.
  • The Crow-king stole his mirrors (those beneath his keep) from the Hall of the Watchers - and Tylendel gasped as he realized that the Hall...was called Hall of the *Watchers*.

When the Crow-king turns to leave by going upstairs, Tylendel charges him with Red Dancer. The Crow-king turns around and smiles, Tylendel swings the blade in an overhand slash but only to cleave through thin air.
"Do you think brute force is enough to best me?" the Crow-king snarls.
The Crow-king reiterates that it is too late now; the Creeping God is awake. "You have wasted time, Greyoak. I have not."

Tylendel lets him leave, and goes back down. He takes a look at the overly large skeletal guard, but it stands still. He then concentrates and returns himself to the chambers in the Temple of Summer.

Here, worried Syr Dostan paces back and forth, relieved to see Tylendel wake. "I tried to wake you up....You began to bleed..." Syr Dostan tells him that only half an hour has passed since Tylendel began his meditation.

Tylendel tells him he met the Crow-king, and that he has run out of options. Then he decides it is time to visit Syr Bohumíl Camrey, who he has been told has finally arrived.

Passing through southern Griffin Street onto the North Ward's marketplace, he sees that the Horvaths are busy outside so he goes there, seeing Lukska and Syr Comton. Syr Comton tells Tylendel that Duke Harmond and his retinue have been moved out of the North Ward Town Council Hall to make room for Syr Malor Mefester and his Bone Dragons. Tylendel goes through the temple's gatehouse. Inside the walls stands a domed temple with four towers with onion-shaped domes, a beautiful building only years before. A marble shield rests above the main entrance.

Inside he finds Duke Harmond who tells him about the arrival of Syr Bohumíl - scouts first, then the vanguard led by Sandon Silverkarklin and Syr Kyrvel of Witchwater, and finally the knight himself, with Esmond II Sollani, Adony, and someone hidden by a brown hood and cloak - a prisoner, maybe - and how Syr Bohumíl is now adressed as "The Highlord of Barosía". Duke Harmond suggests the man either thinks of himself as a hero, or grabs onto rights that he never got before, or that he may have become mad. Tylendel of course suggests its the man's corrupted blood.

Duke Harmond explains that Bohumíl is to hold a council where he will relate the tale of a battle he fought in the northeastern Slidil Riverlands, and where Tylendel's plans to evacuate Bormost will be discussed. The duke asks if Tylendel wants to join him there. "With pleasure," Tylendel replies.

The duke also, with sadness, tells Tylendel that "people are dying fast now. I...I lost Ionel, my nephew..."

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Recap Online Session 09.05.2018
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