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 Recap Online Session 31.05.2018

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Tylendel watched as Duke Harmond's escort prepared itself, and then they were off, toward the Chanter's Safehold and the summons of Bohumíl Camrey. They left the House of the Blessed Shield with ten soldiers (including Jonash and Lukska), Syr Comton and Syr Decebal.

“The Count of Deepford will be waiting for us at the Chanter’s Safehold. It is where I had stationed him and his men. Syr Erbin and Syr Horm should be with him. I wonder if Syr Bohumíl has kicked him out," Duke Harmond explained on the way.

They passed along the temple's southern wall through Kazik Chanter's Alley, crossed the broad Jarek's Way before turning right into Nightingale Alley.

“My brother Harman is assisting at Summergate, and Haralamb is preparing for our departure. We’re only pretending to move into that temple. We’re going to leave, no matter what Camrey has to say. Syr Dakov is summoned too, but I’m afraid he won’t leave his bed today," Duke Harmond said.

Swinging into Kalina's Row, Tylendel saw the icicle-draped old cloth lines still hanging between sagging buildings. Then, Duke Harmond told him that he suspected Wilmar Wick had been kidnapped.

“I sent Syr Aurel to investigate what sounds like a kidnapping of sorts. Could it have something to do with your asking about his whereabouts? It is Wilmar Wick, the drunken priest. A boy saw him being dragged out of the Wayward Boar Inn by two strangers.”

Once in Happy Horse Lane, Tylendel heard people shouting and singing mournfully. People were asking for Bohumíl to appear, to give "her to them", to tell them of "her fate". The Burning Spear Street was crowded with people in front of the Chanter's Safehold, with guards fending them off with spears. It turned out they were clamoring for 'the Saint of the Howling Mines'.

Duke Harmond once more mourned the loss of his nephew: “I cannot believe that Ionel is gone. It breaks my heart. He was only twenty-five. And now my daughter lies ill at Summergate, my sweet Apell. And Ionel’s brother, Marcon.”

Two more groups arrive - Syr Gylian and his escort, and Syr Dostan Anpetór with his. Syr Gylian's silent companion makes way through the crowd and all three groups are allowed inside the Safehold. The safehold was decorated with statues of a woman with a lyre, and frescoes depicting scenes involving instruments; Tylendel also noticed wooden stands for a choir.

Once inside, they are greeted by the sight of many attendants, including familiar faces like Syr Dalibor of Deepford, who once served Tylendel when he was the Steward of the Province, Syr Malor Mefester, the notorious knight-lord of Porsomonia and also once serving the Greyoak Host, and of course Syr Bohumíl himself. Syr Dalibor greeted Tylendel warmly, then welcomed the other groups. Eventually, everyone sat down on the benches, and the herald began his announcements.

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Recap Online Session 31.05.2018
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