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 Recap Online Session 13.06.18

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PostSubject: Recap Online Session 13.06.18   Recap Online Session 13.06.18 I_icon_minitimeWed 13 Jun 2018, 14:18

Tylendel saunters through the rain and dark until he reaches the Temple of Summer. Outside its walls, he takes a moment to study the remains of the Imlia mansion on the opposite side of Lord's Walk, then goes to see if Eld is still in bed. Eld is still asleep. Tylendel speaks to Syr Gombald in the council chamber. The man is studying maps of the city and the Holy Hill. They discuss their plans, and Gombald says it will take some time to move everything from the temple to Tamolyn.

Tylendel leaves with his and Eld's equipment and goes to the Holy Hill. He has to climb the wall near Alfons the Reverent's Gate and proceeds up to enter Tamolyn itself. Here he puts the equipment down in the entrance hall, then begins searching Tamolyn for people, as he seems to believe there must be someone there, since the main doors were closed (as well as Alfons' Gate).

He searches for about two hours without finding anything; then he sees, through a window facing the Everspring Gardens, the Wardens of Tamolyn shuffle through Alfons the Reverent's Gate (one of the Wardens climbed over the wall and unbarred it).

Syr Gylian, the Ghost and Syr Valdor approach Tylendel on the steps before the entrance. Tylendel asks Syr Gylian to assist in searching every nook and cranny of the Holy Hill, and he commands his corporals to take their squads and fan out.

While Syr Gylian orders his men, Tylendel finds a chamber with a hearth within Tamolyn. He takes his pack and Eld's pack there. He uses sorcery to produce a fire in the hearth and gets out of his soaked clothes.

He searches Eld's pack and finds the old food he received before leaving the Arganhold. After having eaten, he is so tired that he collapses...

Tylendel wakes up, cold, in a priest's chamber in Tamolyn, lying on the cloak Renata made him. His clothes have dried, and there's still a little magical fire left in the hearth.

Haralamb appears, searching for him, calling for the Greyoak. He blushes when he finds Tylendel standing naked in a doorway, and waits for him to get dressed. They begin discussing, Haralamb offering Tylendel to lead the Horvath forces, and Tylendel replying he's already promised to lead Urunmyst's forces. Horvath then suggests making Tylendel the general of all the forces. Tylendel tells him to take the Horvath forces to the Tower of Pardons, asks about Oldenhall - that place has a gate opening into Castleside, so it must be defended / watched.

Together they go to the House of Martial Holies to meet Syr Gylian who is found in a half-refurbished office. Good news - they've found tools, equipment, repair tools, and even a cache of fresh vegetables - "The priests and monks of the Everspring Gardens had ways of preserving food, by the grace of the Lost God Found." Lord Haralamb offers to send Horvath men to investigate the High Tombs so Syr Gylian and the Wardens do not have to "perform blasphemy". Haralamb suggests to Gylian to make Tylendel the general of the assembled hosts. Gylian doesn't respond other than a raised eyebrow.

The Grosskomtur has more good news: His men, combined with Holy Harversters and the aid of the heavy rainfall, have broken up the ice on the Novila. It is still possible to enter the city by navigating the rubble of Camrey Castle, but Ilbie Mau is now a bottleneck instead of a wide avenue for invasion from the east.

Tylendel reckons if more people become sick, the temple will be the best infirmary. Syr Gylian agrees. Camrey is expected sometimes today. Gylian is anxiously awaiting his men to find a chair to complete his office; he suggests that once everyone is assembled, a meeting be held between the knights of the four hosts. Tylendel sings his song,
Down with Kobian, then goes to Alfons the Reverent's Gate.

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Recap Online Session 13.06.18
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