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 Recap Online Session 29.06.2018

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Tylendel lies in bed, with Syr Dostan and Duke Esmond at his side. Dostan asks if he wants food and drink brought to him, and if he is strong enough to attend a meeting set to take place within half a bell.
Syr Dostan and Duke Esmond leave, the duke again expressing relief at seeing Greyoak again. A little while later a Holy Harvester appears with a tray of fresh (!) food, including morsels of fish, fresh carrots, pepper, and even a cup of Blackberry Wine. Tylendel chews slowly, enjoying something that doesn't taste bland.

Later Syr Dostan takes him down to a vault locked behind three doors in the basement of the House of Martial Holies. Here, among a number of Warden shields and other items, is a crate with Tylendel's belongings (except those he left behind when he slept in the Temple of Tamolyn), and to his surprise not only has Duke Esmond brought Creeping God's Bane, he has brought the helmet too, its front seeming to have received a blast.

After this, it is council time. Tylendel is escorted by Syr Dostan to a chamber in the Tamolyn Temple situated a few floors above the main entrance, with windows facing north. Here, a group of commanders and their aides are awaiting: Bohumíl Camrey, Syr Malor Mefester, Karlon Rymés, Syr Gylian Urunmyst, Syr Dalibor of Deepford, Syr Comton, Captain Nistor, and Haralamb Horvath, in addition to a stranger with a birthmark on half his face, wearing a red cloak and a satchel.

During the meeting, Syr Dalibor updates the council on who has become so weak they have been moved to the infirmary in the temple, which the stranger notes down on a blank scroll.
There is some discussion back and forth and Tylendel is updated on what has happened while he was in his stupor.
Then he gets an idea: What if the Darkness of Parafor is a barrier, keeping light away? He begins experimenting with sorcery right before the eyes of the council, creating a globe around which light bends away, to affirm his new suspicion. The stranger is taken aback by Tylendel's mystic powers.  He then decides he will have to go to the Between once more. He asks for the Wardens of Tamolyn, the Bone Dragons and the White Wolves to stand guard around him, and both Syr Malor and Syr Gylian agree.
"We marched over and under the Remheck Mountains, we attacked the Doomed City and marched across the Sea of Dust. We stood side by side during the Battle of the Severed Hands. There's no-one I'd trust more to stand by my side," Tylendel says. Syr Perron Branral tells them he is the Knight of Highwater Hall, and songs are sung in the Blackstorm lands about the way he swings his sword: He wants to be of use on a wall, not in a council chamber.

When the council session ends, Syr Dostan has been ordered to send for the Blessed Craftsmen to clean up the nave of Tamolyn, while Syr Malor and Syr Gylian are set to round up a company of men from their companies to create perimeters around the temple: Tylendel is going to meditate in the nave, to travel once more to the mystical Between, and wants protection.

Tylendel goes to the temple atop the hill and seeks out the infirmary. He sees the people mentioned by Syr Dalibor - those nobles now too weak to stand - lying around, being aided by the Prophet's men: Baron Ewane Darkryver, Syr Floryan, Syr Gabryn Hyther, Syr Justin of Dust Creek, Count Ales Malion, Esmond II Sollani, Patrik Vomir, Duke Harmond's herald, and Amáll the Eagle, the baron of House Ubert.

Seated on the stone floor with his back to one of the infirmary's pillars is Bohumíl Camrey, knees drawn up, head resting against his arms. He is sobbing. A Blessed Craftsman interrupts Tylendel as he strides toward the former Heir of Barosía. After a quick chat, the man retreats and allows Tylendel to approach.
Syr Bohumíl admits he stormed out of the council in anger when Syr Dalibor mentioned that Adony had died. Now he says that grief is replacing that anger; Tylendel tries to console him, saying that he too has lost people he loved, mentioning his wife in the Vychrib Hills. Then he asks Camrey if he would stand vigil at his side while he meditates in the nave.
"My apologies," Bohumíl replies,"I was under the impression you held no trust in me." Tylendel explains that he sees that Bohumíl has chosen the wise course, resisting the influence of evil, thereby showing his integrity and strength. This seems to restore a measure of pride in the man, and he promises to protect Tylendel. Together they walk down the stairs to the nave - but not before Tylendel offers Bohumíl, hilt first, one of his daggers, Shriek.

Tylendel settles in the middle of Tamolyn's nave, the floors now free from the glass from the broken windows. He lays Creeping God's Bane across his lap and straps Artan's helm to his head. Then, he transcends toward the Between...At first he arrives in yet another strange, unknown place: Gentle, rolling hills and the occasional rocky tor, the landscape clustered with pearls the size of a cottage. Concentrating again, he moves himself to another new landscape, this time finding himself on a steep slope above a river running white below, and a steppe stretching before him toward distant, jagged peaks. Mists curl over the steppelands.

Seeking to find back to the Crow-king's mystical fortress, the Maelstrom Citadel, Tylendel continues to mentally quest, this time jumping to a gully where plants grow along the edges of clefts littered with smooth stones and pools of water. He feels light, as if his body and equipment suddenly weighs less. Closing his eyes yet again, he moves himself a fifth time,  and finally sees a familiar if surreal landmark: the horizon-spanning glow of the maelstrom of light. Too distant, Tylendel decides to will himself closer, and finds himself in the chamber adjacent to where the light rushes into the ground, where he was first dragged out of it. Not knowing which way to take from there, he once more concentrates, trying to find the place where "the light goes", and finds himself in one of the chambers overlooking the grand hall of strange machinery he visited the last time. And from there, closer now, he finally manages to will himself into the Crow-king's chamber of mirrors. Using his sorcerous powers he wills one of the mirrors to shrink in size (if not in weight, and he is unable to manifest handles on its sides) before he promptly begins breaking the other mirrors. After breaking the third, a strident, loud noise begins to emanate from everywhere, mingled with a voice speaking in a strange language. Soon, he hears movement outside the chamber. Then, the Crow-king appears, seemingly rather annoyed with the Breaker of Mirrors. He admits he has given Tylendel too many chances; Tylendel suddenly attacks with Artan's sword, but it cleaves right through the Crow-king as if his body isn't really there. He then proceeds to break the last mirror, upon which the Crow-king disappears. Grabbing the remaining, shrunken mirror, he wills himself to the Dying Keep, the castle on a floating island somewhere in the Between, but instead ends up in a storm-blasted land of forests and ridges, a massive iceberg tumbling through the sky above, orbited by smaller pieces of rock. He is forced to concentrate again, but by now his mind is losing its focus and he wakes up in the nave of Tamolyn, Bohumíl immediately by his side.
To his satisfaction, Tylendel notices he is clinging to the one surviving mirror...

He looks into it, tries to seek Syr Nathyn Evett again (he saw an army encamped in a wooded vale earlier; including pickets, latrine diggers, horses grazing on the slopes, and snow-capped mountains in the distance). This time he finds the encampment again, but at night, stars blinking overhead. Syr Bohumíl, however, doesn't see anything in the mirror and suggests that Tylendel can do it since he is a sorcerer - a sentiment shared by more and more people on the Holy Hill.

Too tired now to even stand, Tylendel lies down, tells Camrey he needs rest. Camrey orders a soldier to bring Greyoak food and drink as he struggles to comprehend what Tylendel is doing.

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Recap Online Session 29.06.2018
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