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 Session Recap 31.07.2018

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PostSubject: Session Recap 31.07.2018   Session Recap 31.07.2018 I_icon_minitimeTue 31 Jul 2018, 14:18

Tylendel is in the Dying Keep, on a floating island somewhere in the Between, having just survived a harrowing encounter with Parafor himself. He looks at the mirror he stole from Maelstrom Citadel, only to see....Syr Bohumíl Camrey, as if he is actually seeing Tylendel.

Tylendel bids the mirror show him the Holy Hill, and he sees Lukska on one of the towers as Eämhyn pulls a wagon inside, loaded with what looks to be a dismantled smithy. Two soldiers help push the cart along. He also sees more pavilions having been raised, and activity around reclaimed towers and fortifactions along the outer walls.

Then, he asks to see where Parafor is tethered - he saw, vaguely, something dangling from one hand on the all-too-bright figure in the doorway of the Dying Keep. First, he sees a chain, rattling, and floating in darkness. When he asks to see the other end, he is given a vision of a grand temple with spires and towers and a dull red dome overlooking a city wedged between cliffs and sea - it reminds Tylendel of the description he found of the Empyrean Capital itself. The chain goes straight through that temple's roof, in a ghostly manner.

Next, Tylendel asks about the whereabouts of 'the Mother', the armor belonging to Artan Camrey's blacksteel set. He sees the Doomed City in the Sea of Dust, surrounded by its black megaliths. Covered in sand, Tylendel can still see skeletons and equipment left in the sand from the battle.

"I've been asking where the light has gone...show me the source of the darkness over Borka," Tylendel says. He is shown the great rift on the Great Plain - though the army that was encamped there, is gone. He notices great pools of meltwater dotting the lower grasslands beyond the ridge. He can also clearly see tracks of the army having moved along the rift on the east side, marching south.
"Show me the chained lady," Tylendel asks. He sees the Deserter, Khapa Urbil, and Bone Man in the lead of their army, with two masked cultists leading a prisoner's wagon. From its sides, tattered old banners - the old Camrey green-and-yellow and the Moonguard's - still flap. He sees more prisoner's wagons in the long column of marching soldiers and Night People and Áhar.

"Show me where the man with the tattooed chalice is in Byrkburgh," Tylendel asks next. He sees a tower, with shredded remains of bronze plating along the upper outside, northwest of the gate between the North Ward and Town's Heart. He doesn't know the tower.

Now, Tylendel wills himself to heal fully from the blisters and wounds, but his armor is ruined. "Let's create," he mutters, to will himself into new underclothes, padding, armor, and tabard. He tries - by the willpower that allows him to do this in the Between - to mend his clothes - which he manages. Then he does the same with the armor. His tabard, however, was burned off him. This was Tylendel's Moonguard tabard, so he tries to will a new tabard into existence - a gray tabard with a new device Tylendel has thought of: a three-way shield displaying his gray oak, the Empire's sigil, and the Moonguard sigil - adding a purple sword to the gray oak. He wanted it to be silken, but it isn't - he does, however, manage to summon what he wants in cloth form.

Session Recap 31.07.2018 Greyoa10

Haralamb and Bohumíl are resting on benches along with some of the soldiers, but Syr Gylian stands vigil. He sits down and asks Tylendel how it went. Tylendel says he failed; he faced the Creeping God, but Parafor is too powerful. He explains he saw the Deserter's army and that they would be about twenty days from reaching Griffin Gate. Gylian proposes to share any knowledge about that army with the council. He also suggests keeping an eye on the enemy through the Crow-king's mirror. Tylendel explains to Syr Gylian what he saw of the God-king's army. Tylendel says he broke the other mirrors, and hopes that the Crow-king is blind now. "May it be so, my friend, may it be so," Syr Gylian replies. "But if it is so, the Crow-king will do much to regain the unbroken mirror."

Syr Gylian says Tylendel's been gone for a good while and that he must be thirsty and hungry. Tylendel says there's one thing he wants to do first: pay a visit to a certain tower in the North Ward. Tylendel needs to have the invaluable artifacts guarded while he's off. He decides to keep them in the vault below the House of Martial Holies. "I can spare many men now that we now the enemy is still far away," Gylian says.

"How about we get a meal and then go visit those Chalice men?" Tylendel says.
They go to the House of Martial Holies with Syr Gylian. While they eat, Tylendel asks for an escort to that tower in the North Ward. Syr Gylian offers him the company of his own bodyguard, who remains nameless. Bohumíl suggests Syr Malor. Syr Gylian objects that if Malor dies, it would ruin the morale of the Bone Dragons. Tylendel believes the Bone Dragons will suffer that loss well, and so Syr Malor is picked out to accompany Tylendel.

A while later, Tylendel meets up with the twelve men chosen by him, Syr Gylian, Bohumíl, and Haralamb Horvath.

They are:

Syr Gylian's bodyguard, tall and silent. He obviously takes great care of his equipment. He is almost 1.90 meters tall, his hair greying along the ears.

Syr Malor Mefester, about ten years older, with the hole in his skull where his left eye should be, that darkness adorned by a faded tattoo of a star.

Syr Perron Branral, the Blackstorm's uncle.

Syr Comton

Syr Peffer, an old friend of Syr Comton. Tylendel met him during the hanging of Duke Erik.

Vaxel Astaram, a once-lieutenant of the Grey Swords, who witnessed Tylendel's rise from the dead at the Battle of the Vales years ago.

Rohlund, a Warden of Tamolyn, young.

Syr Erbin of House Horvath.

Syr Benn Bhoris, who was present when Tylendel slew Kobian Camrey in the Brindan Hills. Commander of a company of archers since 1339, Syr Benn absolutely loathes archery.

Syr Rumos Brysk, cousin of a bannerman of Duke Esmond Sollani, wearing a helmet with a spreadwinged, white, two-headed eagle painted above the visor.

Syr Vilhem Rossyk, son of an island baron and bannerman of Duke Esmond Sollani.

Syr Linas Balére, even taller than Syr Gylian's bodyguard (by a few centimeters).

After introductions are made, Tylendel has the men on Alfons the Reverent's Gate open the doors, and the thirteen walk through to go and solve the mystery of the men with the tattooed chalices.

"May the saints be with you,"
Lukska calls to Tylendel, but he's already off, not hearing it.

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Session Recap 31.07.2018
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