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 Online Recap 03.08.2018

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Tylendel and the twelve men - ten knights and two soldiers - walk down the Lord's Walk through the Nobles' District, passing a carpenter's workshop and the pawnbroker before crossing Vesselon's Arch, past the Temple of Summer. He saw Syr Gombald Nobry in the courtyard there, overseeing a wagon being loaded with stonework and half-finished wooden contraptions meant to function like barricades.

They they swung north, following the narrow Slarun's Street past a chapel into the longer, broader downhill street of Jasnalyse's Ride. At the bottom of Dragonhill they crossed into Westerlane, leading them through Saint Vloth's lane until they reach a gate in one of the walls separating the Nobles' Ward from the West Ward. A statue of a female noble adorned an alcove above the closed portcullis. Syr Benn Bhoris used his strength to open the half-frozen, half-rusted portcullis. With the aid of two of the others, he opened the portcullis on the other side and they could move on.

In the West Ward, they swung north down to Unicorn's Ride, a street situated between the rise of two heights, and from there eventually passed the walled compounds of the Goldfield Chapter, the guildhouse of jewelers and gem-cutters and silver- and goldsmiths. Passing the once-ivy covered Brosna Stronghold, Syr Comton pointed toward an imposing fortress jutting up from the surrounding roofs, naming it the Coinhound's Keep - the ancestral keep of the Comtons. This led to him revealing that he was the father of triplet girls and that he had begged his wife Roszalía to escape west with them, but it pains him that he never learned whether they did or not. He admitted to Tylendel to taking a detour while searching for the Lost Cultist, seeking any clues at the Coinhound's Keep, without success. Rohlund, the young and handsome Warden of Tamolyn, tried to tell Syr Comton he was an honorable knight, because he didn't visit whores, while Tylendel admitted to having visited Madame Aglontë's brothel which they saw on their way. At this, Syr Linas Balére boasted of having had sex the night before, in an unoccupied chamber somewhere on the Holy Hill. Apparently, the woman had been impressed with Syr Linas' girth.

They came to Emberheart Gate. The tollbooth by the side of the gate still carried the green-and-yellow colors of House Camrey on the shutters. This was where people paid a bit to enter West Ward from the North Ward, and a way of leaving poor rabble out of this district.

Once on the other side of the wall, they were close to Syr Orglen's keep, the Bronzestar Tower. Tylendel split the group into three. Taking the lead of the group with Syr Perron Branral, Syr Malor Mefester, Rohlund and Syr Gylian's bodyguard, he found the keep's main entrance. Marble steps led up to a set of double doors. In an alcove above the door was a marble statue of a helmet with horns and the engraved words above it in the wall, "Strength to Bring" - the motto of House Borna.

Syr Malor Mefester's spiked mace and strong arms proved useful in getting through the barricaded main door, and later several locked doors. Exploring the keep's insides, Tylendel discovered that Syr Orglen must have been a wealthy man as the keep could have been a duke's. He saw a portrait of the previous Marshal of the City, and in the parlor, portraits of his family. Tylendel learned from the others that Syr Orglen was known as 'The Knight Who Came Too Late'...to save his family from a fire. There were tapestries, including one depicting Syr Orglen unhorsing an opponent at Ylon's Glen.

Spreading the group to inspect stairways and chambers, Tylendel eventually found Wilmar Wick cowering beneath a table in the parlor on the floor above an abandoned office. He began asking questions immediately, but it took some time for Wilmar to gain his wits to say anything useful. He claimed that he had been tortured, and Tylendel immediately deduced the nature of that torture: They hadn't given him alcohol.
Wilmar explained there were three of these men with chalices tattooed on their chins, but they had split up and only one was -maybe- still remaining behind. He took them up another floor dominated by Syr Orglen's solar, littered with canvases, half-finished paintings, buckets of paint and other equipment to produce not very good art. Everything was thrown about, a testimony to Wilmar's claim that there had been a fight with a cultist and the man maybe still around.

Tylendel and Syr Malor walked over to the door Wilmar pointed to, while the Wick priest cowered by the stairs. Tylendel knocked, no answer. He opened the door, and saw a short corridor opening into a round chamber. Music instruments hung on the walls, and a crescent row of chairs stood in the room, as if ready to seat a small group of musicians. Tylendel spotted an unbroken flute lying on the floor and moved forward, only to be ambushed by a shadow in one corner. A dagger was raised, but Tylendel was wary and so quickened his pace, rushing into the music room and avoiding the dagger's thrust.

Tylendel had found one of the men with a chalice tattooed on his chin...and Tylendel was pretty vexed, calling his opponent an idiot. That man apologized, claiming he expected another lost cultist. Tylendel began to dig for answers, but the man was resolute and didn't spill much information - he was bound to silence, it seemed, but nonetheless he explained that they were doing a thorough investigation of both Hazel Whisper's disappearance and the "mystery of Tylendel Greyoak". "I assume you are aware of the mysteries surrounding your person," the man said to explain their cautiousness.

After more back and forth, the man offered to find his leader and ask him to come to Tamolyn Pahórek for a meeting, within twenty-four hours. "One thing we hadn't learned about you," he said, "Is your impressive skill when it comes to sarcasm." Then he warned Tylendel, "My leader is not fond of sarcasm."

Tylendel picked up the flute and let the man go. Syr Malor grumbled. "On the bright side," Tylendel said, "I have a new flute."
"Are you sure?" Malor wondered skeptically. Tylendel then improvised a melody, a slow one as his fingers were quite unused by now to play the flute - and Syr Malor concluded, "It's on the bright side."

Grabbing Wilmar by the collar, Syr Malor followed Tylendel out of Bronzestar Keep. They regrouped with the others who were guarding the exits and entrances, then began the long uphill journey back to Tamolyn.
Back in the West Ward, near Brosna Stronghold, Tylendel suddenly felt like he saw shadows flit about. Syr Perron looked up and gasped, "What’s this now?"

Looking up, the darkness had gained a taint of grey, as if light was pushing down on it from above. Then clouds began to whirl, into smaller whisps, and a shaft of light shone through, pale and silvery. As they watched, the clouds began funneling outward, like an inverted maelstrom, opening up the night sky. And there, they saw the grey-silvery moon, its light pushing through the darkness over Barosía, bathing the ruined city in a pale glow.

Tylendel said, "We protect, we serve, the moon is our mistress in day as in night". At that, he heard a wolf howl in the distance. Silvery light continued piercing through the churning black clouds.
Syr Comton and Syr Peffer hugged. Syr Perron Branral put a hand on Tylendel's shoulder. "You did it," he said. "You did it." Some of the others gave each other high-fives. They heard distant cheering from the Holy Hill.

"Maybe it's not too late," Syr Malor said. "There's always hope," Tylendel commented. Rohlund said, "Not only hope, but maybe life. Maybe it's not too late for the trees to have survived."
"The thaw will come now, the proper thaw," Tylendel said.
"Enough water to revive dying lands," added Syr Perron.
"Well, I'll be damned," Syr Malor rumbled, "maybe it's time to become religious after all."
At that, Tylendel replied, "Let's not get carried away."

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Online Recap 03.08.2018
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