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 Online Recap 14.08.2018

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PostSubject: Online Recap 14.08.2018   Online Recap 14.08.2018 I_icon_minitimeTue 14 Aug 2018, 13:23

Tylendel walks around the terraced Holy Hill until he once more reaches the tower leading into the House of Martial Holies. A Holy Harvester, Topor of Antunpóbor, guards the door, yawning. He walks down to the vault, one of two Warden of Tamolyns lets him and he retrieves the mirror, then goes up to the council chamber. A tired looking Holy Harvester lets him into the empty chamber; Tylendel tells him to let anyone asking for him inside. It's cold, so Tylendel gets a fire going in the fireplace, then sits down by the parlor chairs with the mirror, putting it once more with its back against a chair.
"Show me the spirit in the mirror," Tylendel suggests mentally. Nothing happens. Outside, the light dims, and he realizes it's afternoon. "Why don't you want to cooperate anymore? Did Lug trap you? Are you a trapped spirit? Will you be set free if I break the mirror?"
He decides to meditate himself once more to the Between, and ends up in a landscape he's visited before - the pulsing, fleshy ridges and dales. He tries to flee, thinking about forests - and ends up on a floating island, one he has visited before, now covered in mist which carpets the countless bones of sea creatures. "Show me Jan Dagger," Tylendel tells the mirror, but it remains black. "Show me when you were made." The mirror shows him nothing. A rock hits the island, making it tilt a few degrees. Tylendel becomes more frustrated and angry with the mirror. He tries to will the mirror to work - it doesn't. "Dammit, why won't you work?" Tylendel sighs. He decides to go home.

Tylendel comes to in the council chamber. A holy harvester is blowing out a dying candle on the table. "Apologies for disturbing, m'lord," he says and leaves by the main door. Tylendel goes and puts more wood on the fire.
"Please, show me my mother when she was happy," he tells the mirror just as another door opens and two Áhari servants enter, one with cutlery and the other with a bucket and rags. They begin to prepare the chamber by washing it and setting the table.
The mirror doesn't show Tylendel his mother being happy; the surface remains blank and black. The servants leave. One returns soon after and puts new candles on the wall.

Tylendel goes back to the vault, checks on Artan's artifacts, puts the mirror back, then goes up and outside. He sees men rushing out of the temple atop the hill. He crosses the terraced hillsides to get quickly up there. He asks a Horvath guard what has happened. He explains that a peasant soldier arrived shouting for help. "Someone's hurt or something." Tylendel sees them run toward a growing crowd of people around one of the many pavilion tents down in the Everspring Gardens. The slowest runner is Wilmar Wick. Together with another cloaked man he disappears into the pavilion tent, and a young red-haired Holy Harvester is ousted. This man talks to the crowd and tries to calm them down. Tylendel follows, making his way through the crowd (seeing among others, Syr Gylian), then finds his way inside. Here, a woman is giving birth. Outside, Tylendel hears bets being made - will it be a boy or a girl? One voice suggests betting on the likelihood of the mother surviving - which is promptly followed by the sounds of a fight.
"Push, push," the stranger tells her, while Wilmar dries her forehead and tries to console her, telling her she's doing a good job. "Here it comes," the stranger says after a while, and suddenly they hear the wail of a baby. Wilmar borrows Tylendel's dagger Howler to cut the string, then they wash it and put it in the woman's arms. The husband is taken inside and he weeps at the sight of his baby.
"What will you call it?" Tylendel asks. The father smiles, picks up the now sleeping baby and takes it outside to a cheering crowd. He lifts it and says, "Behold my daughter! Behold Doréa Duskborn!" Wilmar assures the crowd the mother is well. The father takes the baby back inside. Outside people exchange goods (those who bet it would be a girl won) , Tylendel steps back inside one more time. They thank him for his aid. The mother, astonished, says she felt almost no pain (due to Tylendel's interference using his sorcery). "He's the sorcerer," the man whispers.  "May you grow strong, Doréa Duskborn. Even surrounded by death, there is life. Hope." tells the baby before leaving.

Syr Gylian follows Tylendel away from the crowd. They talk about the good news, "Our youngest member" as Syr Gylian says. Tylendel asks if Syr Gylian can take the Company of Hope's Beacon under his wing, which he agrees to. He thanks Tylendel for the sentiment ("I want them to serve someone I can trust"). Tylendel is on his way up the stairs to Tamolyn, Syr Gylian follows along while they talk. Syr Gylian explains that he's taken command of the Horvath soldiers and that they're heavily demoralized by the loss of almost every Horvath noble. Tylendel asks if he's seen Syr Dostan Anpetór, but Syr Gylian hasn't seen him since dawn.
Before the entrance, he turns around and looks down the slopes toward the pavilion. "This is a good day," he says and he smiles.  The guard asks, "It was a birth, wasn't it? I don't think I've ever been so happy about a child being born." He never was a father himself. "I was betrothed...then everything..happened." Syr Gylian asks the guard to open the door for him, he's going to make his prayers to the Lost God Found. Tylendel walks back down. He passes a square where a wooden scaffold or some such is being built, a group of women sewing and stuffing dolls, then reaches the southwestern corner of the area where the host of the Prophet lingers.

Tylendel looks for a captain, sees a young woman with a scarred face by Goslav's Lookout. She gives him a suspicious frown, but tells him Syr Dostan can be found in the domed, red-brown fortress just south of them - the Ironheart Tower. Stairs follow the outer wall up to the newer section (the lower half seems to be a square guard tower that later has been built upon and fortified, in a different style and using different resources). Here, he meets the twin Holy Harvesters on duty, Nandor and the Firejaw. They seem as silly as the last time they met, but let Tylendel inside, as "You are on ze list of names of zhose who can come insite without much ado yes?"
Inside he enters a vestibule of sorts and greets upon another familiar face, this time the captain that rode a mule (bringing provisions to Duke Emon Ingham's mansion). The captain tells him he'll show him the way and Tylendel follows him up a flight of steep stairs.

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Online Recap 14.08.2018
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