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 Online Recap 05.09.2018

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PostSubject: Online Recap 05.09.2018   Online Recap 05.09.2018 I_icon_minitimeWed 12 Sep 2018, 11:31

Tylendel is surrounded by thousands of people on the Holy Hill during the Feast of Saint Udolf. The ceremonies are done; now people gather to talk, eat, and drink. Syr Perron Branral puts a hand on the shoulder of one of the squires who lost their master. Syr Yaskar discusses something with Syr Dalibor of Deepford, who shakes his head. Syr Valdor Wenzel joins a squad of Lowlander soldiers, who greet him with a hug, one by one.

Tylendel breaks up a fight between Holy Harvesters and Barosíans, who are trying to hold Bosko, a Harvester, and Vaxel Astaram, from tearing into each other. Another harvester is already on the ground, his face blue, nose broken and bleeding.
Tylendel shouts at them to stop, amplifying his voice for effect using magic. Vaxel tries to protest, but Tylendel doesn't want to hear it. He ensures that the wounded harvester is brought to the infirmary.
Looking down, he spots a half-torn, strange card on the ground. It looks like a Síst Sáhádá card but it is different, and the art is not one he recognizes. It is named 'The Watchful Wolf'. He gives it to Syr Dostan, who believes it may have come with one of his harvesters from the west - it's a new version of the deck, the knight assumes.

Tylendel takes a walk through the gardens and sees and overhears many things; he hears someone complain his wife only talks about "the Greyoak".
Someone responds, "Be glad you have a wife here."
"You can have her."

Syr Comton introduces his new squire to Tylendel, a young man named Orban of Hessy.

Duke Esmond appears to talk with Tylendel. Sollani speaks of his wife; Lady Dyhána. The duke of Halinhaven speaks of her with longing. He also reveals that his son is looking to come out of it alive (Esmond II is in the infirmary), and that his daughter Dorotei is a wilful lady, who once upon a time may have thought she'd be her father's heir. They see her stalk through the crowds, seemingly trying to outpace the burly, broad-shouldered Syr Linas Balére. When she swings closer to where her father and Tylendel stand, Syr Linas stops. Dorotei flinches when she sees them standing close by and marches on. Duke Sollani thinks it is strange that Duke Emon Ingham never spoke to Tylendel about arranging a betrothal for him.

Later in the evening, the minstrel Antonich, in Syr Gylian's service, begins to play the lute and people gather to dance, many of the soldiers complaining about the lack of women (not that there is a lack; there are quite a few female Holy Harvesters, but they seem less inclined to dance). Tylendel joins in with his flute, and together they keep it going for nearly an hour. Antonich suggests repeating the success one day, perhaps impressed by Tylendel's playing, or just glad to have someone to share music with in these dark days.

They both walk off in different directions looking for a drink. Tylendel moves toward a pavilion. Lukska is standing there so drunk he can barely talk; he falls to the ground after a few sentences. Syr Aurel checks on him and concludes, "Too much of that blaze-brew."


Suddenly, a stranger walks next to Tylendel.
"Just when I thought I knew all there was to know about you, you spend an hour playing the flute. With impressive technique, I must add."
"Who are you?"
"You may call me Hillar. And this is Ursilim."
Suddenly a second man walks on Tylendel's other side. They both have tattooed chalices on their chins.
"Where are we going?" Hillar asks.
"I'm looking for a drink. We'll meet up at the temple for some privacy," Tylendel replies.
"Excellent. We'll see you there."

Tylendel goes to pick up Syr Gylian, asks him to join the meeting with the two mysterious men. "Come, Ghost," Syr Gylian says to his silent companion, and the three go up the terrace-stairs (but not before Tylendel has sent a Holy Harvester for Syr Dostan).

They meet the two tattooed men by the temple's main doors and Tylendel leads them into a meeting chamber where they begin to talk - first vaguely, bakc and forth, but Hillar says eventually that they have decided they can trust Tylendel, and asks for ten minutes to contemplate how to proceed.

Tylendel and Gylian wait outside, in the hallway. Gylian is feeling light-headed after hearing the revelations of Tylendel that "uproot his heart". Tylendel goes to find wine and cups, then they return to the chamber and fill the cups.

Hillar reveals that they are Operatives of the Purple Chalice, serving the High Protector of the Eastlands, Ionatan Heroth, who, ironically, was the one who bade Tylendel travel east and homeward.
According to Hillar, the Holy Sword wants to keep an eye on Tylendel Greyoak, but they had originally come to investigate the disappearance of Hazel Whisper.
When Hazel, in her last report, revealed that Tylendel had been killed, they decided to follow up to see what had happened, then discovered Tylendel was alive, and they began to realize that the rumors swirling around this Greyoak may not be entirely exaggerated. Hillar asks if the "three of them" can be accomodated and Tylendel says there will be room for them in the House of Martial Holies. Hillar says that they need to write a report for their master, with their latest discoveries, and that it will need Tylendel's testimony.

Tylendel asks who holds the Holy Throne - Hillar answers that it would be Alrond Crownkeeper, brother of the empress, and the empress herself, the mother of Mirkéas and widow of Stefon - then asks if there have been found any bastards. Hillar at last understands: Tylendel is a claimant to the holy Throne!
Tylendel says Heroth has turned north (as he saw in the Crow-king's mirror); Hillar says they haven't heard from the Imperial Army for weeks.

After this brief meeting, Tylendel goes to find Latica at Nemeth Hold, to spend the night with her.

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Online Recap 05.09.2018
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