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 Online Recap 18.09.2018

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PostSubject: Online Recap 18.09.2018   Online Recap 18.09.2018 I_icon_minitimeTue 18 Sep 2018, 14:57

Tylendel wakes up to the sound of Florentyn Cavell and Lovely Rust having some argument down below. Looking around, he finds himself in a comfortable bed, covered by a silken canopy, surrounded by soft, large pillows with intricately woven religious designs across their surfaces. Latica is not here, though the imprint in the bed next to him is clear evidence of her presence earlier. A serious headache - as well as an ache between his legs - assails him as he rises to gather his clothes strewn about; the chain mail a pile by a desk. A half-full decanter of wine and two cups stand on the desk. On one wall, Tylendel sees a portrait, presumably of the one who once lived in this chamber, a man in rich robes holding a pup in one arm and a cane in the other, standing stoically.

Tylendel comes down to the chamber with the fireplace, Florentyn’s desk and the dining table. Here, Lovely Rust and Florentyn Cavell are discussing which spices that go best with chicken. On this day, Tylendel ponders, five years ago, I was crossing the Great Plain…before Eld and I were imprisoned, in the Silverhills. Lovely hands him a cup and Tylendel gulps down water to soothe his throat. Tylendel tells them that Hazel Whisper served one of the Holy Swords, which astounds Florentyn. Lovely shrugs, “She was always kind of a mysterious lady.” Tylendel makes to leave, but Lovely convinces him to get some food in his belly. He walks over to the fireplace and ladles some slop from the cauldron into a bowl, then sits down to eat while they chat. He learns that Avira went off early to find out if the companions have been assigned a squad.

Tylendel leaves Nemeth’s Hold, wanders around the eastern slopes of the Holy Hill, past two shrines, an orchard, and a hedge before reaching Eämhyn, who is busy together with a flock of Blessed Engineers. They are converting the old sculptor’s workshop into a larger smithy. Eämhyn is glad to see Tylendel, wiping his hands to give him a shake of the hand. He tells Tylendel it’s always good to see a man of the Moonguard, and there is one in the infirmary in the temple. He tells Tylendel to drop by for a chat whenever he feels like it.

After this, Tylendel walks to the House of Martial Holies, entering by the interior tower flanked by two Holy Harvesters. Upstairs before the council chamber doors, he finds a glum lord Haralamb Horvath, who has sent the guard off to get some sleep and so he now stands guard in his stead. "The last of the Horvaths," he calls himself, angry with the Creeping God and despairing of all the people he has lost since losing his company at the Doomed City. He tells Tylendel he won’t go west, for there is nothing else left for him to do but fight the Creeping God until he drops. "But I won't keep you waiting," he says, snapping out of his dark thoughts, not realizing Tylendel doesn't know there's a council going on. Haralamb opens the door and Tylendel walks inside. Bohumíl, face planted in his hands when Tylendel enters, looks up and greets him and says they couldn't find him and so have started the meeting. Tylendel apologizes for being late but Bohumíl says it’s hard to keep track of time.

Every chair is occupied; Syr Malor Mefester is present, as is Duke Esmond and his four vassals, Syr Dostan and Syr Gylian are attending, as are the two heralds, Syr Stribogh and Count Ales Malion. Syr Gylian’s silent companion stands by the brazier, poking it with a steel rod, while Lady Ester sits with her back to the meeting, in the parlor. The council has just been informed by Pétár Oak and Rudyart the Archer that the search for horse feed in the Silverhills yielded nothing. They are dismissed, and the council continues. There is discussion of supplies and logistics; of sending squads into the Westwood to harvest more wood; all at the infirmary are still alive; thefts have occured from the Everspring pantries, and Syr Dostan informs the council of his soldiers bothered by strange noises from the basement of Ironheart Tower, but nothing has been found. There is discussion on the defenses of the Holy Hill, and whether one should consider strategies that would hinder the enemy from laying siege to them. “They will march right up here and besiege us, all they have to is wait until we starve,” Syr Malor complains. To this, Bohumíl says, “The Everspring gardens may keep us alive longer than you think. Things are already growing.”
Duke Esmond informs the council that the coastlanders most likely have abandoned their blockade of the Western Straits, at which Tylendel suggests getting a message to the Holy Throne by sea. “How long will it take to sail past the Heidenmark?” he asks. Duke Esmond says he will ponder this and come back to him. Tylendel asks if there are shipbuilders among the Haliners, and Duke Esmond says there might be. “As it happens, I'm not too bad at the art of building ships. I'll take the responsibility of getting a ship in... ship shape."

Eventually Camrey declares the meeting is over, but some remain seated, talking matters over. Syr Gylian is the first to leave, his companion in tow. Tylendel remains seated for a long while, lost in thought. Then he tells the remaining council members that he has an idea that can solve the food crisis, but they won't like it. He picks up a cup and then invokes his magical powers to show them his idea.
Slowly, the cup turns into an apple. Tylendel eats, then tosses the core across the table to Syr Malor.
As the remaining council members take their goodbyes, Syr Malor passes Tylendel and places the core of the apple on the table before Tylendel. "Next one is mine."
Bohumil tells the council that Tylendel’s sorcerous abilities should be kept as secret as possible. “Rumors are rumors,” he says, suggesting they can’t do much about those, but there is no need to take chances on spreading fear. He and Tylendel will discuss the matter of feeding the Holy Hill through sorcery alone.

Before leaving with his vassals, Duke Esmond says, "I would be honored if you would accept an invitation for dinner at Highwind Keep. Come whenever you feel like it."

Tylendel walks down to the vault, where two Holy Harvesters lock up the many doors for him until he finds himself with the Crow-king’s mirror again.
"Well, you've had a day's rest and I've had sex..let's try it again shall we?”
He asks the mirror to show him Jan Dagger, and is relieved to see the surface begin to swirl its oily black magic. He sees Sirry, and Stork’s Nest atop Abattia’s Hill. Jan Dagger is tied up in a bed in one of the keep’s chambers, guarded over by a weird-looking fellow with a red scarf, who sits at a nearby table, whittling something.
"Thank you, mirror. Can you answer questions?"
Tylendel asks about the 'spirit in the mirror', but nothing happens.
Then he asks the mirror to show him the Lady of Summer. At that moment, he hears heavy footfalls and Syr Benn Bhoris appears, head bowed down so as to not hit the low doorframe, checking that the guards told him true. "There's been theft in one of them other keeps, could happen in the others as well. So what are you doing down here?"
"Looking in the mirror."
"Ah, I reckon you're the kind of man that enjoys looking into mirrors. I am not."
With that, he turns and leaves. Tylendel turns back to the mirror, the surface swirling black again, this time to reveal the Lady of Summer....

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Online Recap 18.09.2018
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