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 Online Recap 16.10.2018

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PostSubject: Online Recap 16.10.2018   Online Recap 16.10.2018 I_icon_minitimeWed 31 Oct 2018, 15:43

After a short rest, Tylendel enters the warehouse and is met by darkness. He takes out Shadowbreaker to see, and spots several large crates and barrels in front of him. He starts taking a look at what the warehouse contains, and find barrels, crates and chests, jars and shelves of metal ingots. He spends some time looking around before starting to cast a spell to metamorphose the materials in the warehouse into food for the army at Tamolyn Pahórek, among other things finding some sacks of grain, one of which he drags outside.

He is interrupted once by something that sounds like knocking, but he doesn’t find a source of it, so he continues casting.

His spell turns everything that isn’t part of the structure of the warehouse into barrels of salted venison and wheat grain.

Once the spell is cast and Tylendel has caught his breath, he checks to see that the spell worked. He opens three barrels, two containing wheat and one containing meat. He also notices that all the barrels are marked with the Greyoak crest, an unintended side effect of his spellcasting.

He leaves the warehouse, dragging the sack of grain he rescued over to the horses, opening it in front of them before heading to the warehouse where Esmond Sollani and his men went. Entering that warehouse he finds the soldiers and the duke searching the crates. This warehouse contains building materials as well as barrels and crates. Tylendel walks over to Duke Esmond, interrupting his musings. Tylendel clears his troath, making Esmond jump.

Esmond: "Lord Greyoak, my apologies. You startled me."

Tylendel: "It seems the saints are with us, my lord. The other warehouse is full of salted meat and wheat."

Tylendel looks Lord Esmond in the eyes. Esmond looks at Tylendel for a couple of seconds, looking confused.

Esmond: "What? No. If I remember correctly that warehouse should be brimming with all manner of goods that we sent up and down the river, trading with the capital. We didn’t trade in meat."

Tylendel: "Well, somehow it is there, my lord. Like, the apple, you know."

Esmond hesitates a few heartbeats before realising what Tylendel means.

Esmond: "I see."

He starts hurrying out of the warehouse. Tylendel stretches his muscles before following, tired out after the spellcasting. They enter the warehouse Tylendel was in. When they enter, Duke Esmond stands looking around for some time before talking, scratching his head.

Esmond: "D--- Did you... Transform it all into food?"

Tylendel: "My apologies for taking your wares, my lord, but we need food."

Esmond walks amongst the barrels.

Esmond: "But, my lord Greyoak... Well. I’m thankful, grateful for this. Of course, it is a great aid, but we did keep nails and rivets and things here that I would need, but... Of course, there are several more warehouses around. I hope we’ll find it."

Tylendel: "As you say, there are more warehouse, but I needed to do this when I was alone, in a place that hadn’t been searched yet."

Esmond: "I see. All right. It’s... Amazing, isn’t it. How is it even possible?"

Tylendel: "It’s exhausting, is what it is."

Esmond: "I can see you’re a little pale. So now we have a warehouse of... I guess we’ll have to arrange some sort of caravan transport, then."

Tylendel nods.

Tylendel: "Yes."

Esmond: "You’re saving us all. How can I be mad at you for that?"

Tylendel: "Well, we have food for a few days now."

Esmond: "Incredible. Incredible, I..."

He crosses himself.

Tylendel sighs, the strain wearing him down.

Tylendel: "I’d like to get my hands on the idiot that decided that winter was a good time to have a war."

Esmond: "I suppose that’s part of the wickedness of that dark force."

Tylendel: "Hopefully they’re struggling as much as we are."

Tylendel shakes his head.

Tylendel: "I need to rest."

Esmond: "I see. Well, I have inspected the other warehouse. There are some useful things there for our plan. If you wish, you could rest up in the wagon while we inspect the last two buildings,and then we’ll go? Should we bring a few of these barrels with us?"

Tylendel: "I think so."

Esmond: "I’ll get the men to do it."

Tylendel: "It’ll be a morale boost."

Tylendel heads over to the wagon, where he sits down and starts meditating, trying to recover some of his magical strength.

After about an hour, the group is ready to continue, having loaded a few barrels of meat and wheat into the cart. The head back south a distance before turning east to the river, to the Bhoris yards, where the mast of a galley pierces the surface of the water. Many of the buildings have holes in them, caused by the reubble from the collapse of Camrey Castle.

Esmond and Tylendel heads out onto a pier and looks at the sunken vessel.

Esmond: "I think we will manage."

They have to raise their voice to be heard over the wind.

Tylendel: "This is going to take days, isn’t it?"

Esmond: "Well, if we can get the pulleys and the cranes in working order today, we can drag her up tomorrow. I hope."

Tylendel: "Where do you want it?"

Esmond: "Well, here. This pier was build for large ships and the bottom is a little bit deeper here."

Tylendel: "Don’t you need it out of the water to check the hull?"

Esmond: "Yes, and we’ll drag her in, into one of the Bhoris wharfs."

He explains to Tylendel how they’ll pull the ship onto land into one of the buildings at the shore and how he plans to repair the ship.

Tylendel: "How about if I just pick up the ship and put it where you want it, my lord?"

Esmond looks at Tylendel

Esmond: "Can you do that?"

Tylendel: "I can do many things, my lord."

Esmond: "C-certainly, I... I... It would save us a lot of work."

Tylendel points at one of the buildings

Tylendel: "That... That vee-shapes cradle over there?"

Esmond clears his troath

Esmond: "I-indeed."

Tylendel clears his mind for another spellcasting, then starts casting the spell. He stands with his cloak wrapped around him as he casts the spell, then raises a hand when he controls the ship. He grabs the ship with his mind and lifts it out of the water, then gently guides it towards the wharf. As the ship is lifted, water drains from it, taking some kelp and a few fish with it. Tylendel notices that the ship is called "Kassimir’s Spear." Esmond stands gaping at the sight, slowly drawing his breath. At the pier the soldiers also stand gaping, not believing their eyes. Tylendel gently guides the ship into its berth, and eventually a ghost ship is resting at the Bhoris yards.

He gathers his cloak around himself.

Tylendel: "I really need some rest."

Esmond: "I can imagine. Amazing. I have lived to see many miracles, but this... This, I will never forget. Never! It will be the thing I see the last."

He lays an arm over Tylendel’s shoulder.

Esmond: "Come, my friend. It truly is time to rest. We have some venison and wheat to bring the people."

Tylendel: "Indeed, Let’s hope it’s edible."

Esmond: "And we have a story to tell!"

They leave the pier, and when they come back to the shore the knight and soldiers are waiting for them, all staring in amazement.

Esmond: "Well, boys, now you know that we have us an ally, a mircale man. If you ever hear anyone speak ill of him you know what he can do. Let’s get him into the wagon. He is tired."

They climb into the wagon.

Esmond: "Do you want to lay in down in the back, my lord?"

Tylendel: "Yes, please."

Tylendel lays back in the back of the wagon, and after a short while he manages to fall asleep.

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Online Recap 16.10.2018
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