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 Online Recap 19.10.2018

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Tylendel starts waking as the wagon comes to a halt. He opens one eye to see what is happening, and sees the Sollani soldiers leaving the cart. The cart is in the courtyard of Highwind Keep, and he spots Duke Sollani talking to Captain Ollyp. Esmond II stands in the entrance to the keep, waiting for his father, and they enter the keep together. He lies still while waiting for them to jump off the cart bed and finish waking up. As the last soldiers gets off, he stands up and stretches. Captain Ollyp finally spots Tylendel, looking surprised that he’s awake.

Ollyp: "My lord, you’re awake!"

Tylendel: "I woke when the cart stopped."

Ollyp: "I understand. The duke asked me to bring you inside, but I see there is no need for carriers."

Tylendel: "No, my legs are working again."

Tylendel jumps out of the wagon.

Ollyp: "Excuse me for saying so, my lord, but you do seem a little pale."

Tylendel: "It’s been an exhausting day."

Ollyp: "I understand. The duke said as much. Well, there is a chamber for you here if you wish, but I understand if you want to go back to your own quarters."

Tylendel: "The first thing I need is some food."

Ollyp: "I can arrange that."

Tylendel: "Thank you, syr."

Ollyp: "Please, come inside."

Ollyp leads Tylendel into the dining hall where the feast was held the evening before.

Ollyp: "Please make yourself comfortable. I will alert the scullions."

Tylendel: "Thank you."

As Ollyp leaves by another door than the one they enetered through, Tylendel finds a seat at the high table. He notices a boy sitting by one of the fires, keeping it going. Tylendel takes off the belt with Red Dancer and leans the scabbard against the table, then sits down, elbows on the table, resting his head in his hands. It seems as if the room has been used recently – there are wine cups on the table, and chairs are standing askew.

It seems almost immediately that Captain Ollyp returns.

Ollyp: "My lord? By the saints, man, you need some sleep!"

Tylendel raises his head, smiling tiredly.

Tylendel: "Not without food."

Ollyp: "I have alerted the kitchens and they are making something for you as we speak, so there will be someone here immediately. I have to go speak to my lord. There has been an incident, but I... I do not know if I am allowed to speak of it to anyone else. My apologies."

Tylendel: "Very well."

Ollyp: "I do know that the lord trusts you like no-one else, but still. I am not sure."

Tylendel: "Of course."

Ollyp: "Just trying to do my best."

Tylendel: "Your duty is to your lord, not me."

Ollyp: "Thank you for understanding."

With that, Ollyp leaves the room, leaving Tylendel alone. Some time later a young boy comes in and places a deep dish containing broth in front of Tylendel. The boy gives Tylendel a deep bow, and Tylendel thanks him as he leaves. Tylendel starts eating slowly, and midway through the dish Duke Esmond comes into the chamber alongside his son, Captain Ollyp and the duke’s herald, Dusan. The duke and Esmond II passes Tylendel, distracted enough to not notice him, and sits down at the lord’s end of the table, Dusan standing near them. Captain Ollyp sits near Tylendel, greeting him with a "my lord". Duke Esmond taps his fingers on the table and finally notices Tylendel.

Esmond: "Greyoak! My apologies, I did not see that you had arrived."

Ollyp: "I... I told you, my lord."

Esmond: "I must have missed it."

Tylendel continues eating.

Esmond: "So, Captain Ollyp. Son. Tell it from the start."

Esmond II: "I’ve told you what I can tell you, my lord father. They came one, perhaps two, glasses before you arrived. My lord of house Camrey, his herald, some of his knights and lords, and some squires, and soldiers, and..."

Ollyp: "This is true. I recognised Syr Malor Mefester immediately, of course."

Esmond: "And they came here to investigate?"

Both Esmond II and Ollyp nods.

Esmond II: "Yes, Father, I... I invited them here, into the dining hall, and offered them wine and asked them to speak their minds, just like you would do. And that’s when they said they were investigating the rumour that there had been a pompous feast here last night. I think they did not like that, my lord father."

Duke Esmond continues tapping his fingers on the table, looking very displeased.

Ollyp: "My lord, I think the suspicion is that been embezzling food and drink instead of sharing and I think they thought that was... Well, perhaps not a good idea."

Esmond: "It wasn’t a good idea. Not in the least. But it was good."

He smiles slightly.

Esmond II: "So. I told them that... I tried to tell them but they stopped me and Lord Camrey bade me tell you that you will explain yourself on the morning council tomorrow."

Esmond: "And you sat here with these people all alone?"

Esmond II: "No, father. No. Your.. Your men were here, the count of Kesh and the barons of the islands. They were all here and they said I did well."

The duke looks somewhat skeptical.

Esmond: "And your sister, was she here as well?"

Esmond II: "Yes, Father."

Esmond: "Where is she now?"

Esmond II: "I am not sure, Father."

Esmond: "I’m sorry, lord Greyoak. I prefer this hall. The great hall is so cold and empty, and..."

Tylendel: "That’s quite all right, my lord."

Esmond: "Please, finish your food. It’s not a problem. I actually ordered the captain to bring you inside and find a bed for you, but you awoke."

Tylendel: "I guess the rocking of the cart stopping was what awoke me."

Esmond. "Ah. Well you did sleep like a babe all the way up."

Tylendel: "It was exhausting work."

Esmond: "I can imagine, my lord. I do not know how to thank you. Again."

Tylendel: "Well, hoepfully there will be less anger about food now."

Esmond: "Yes. This could be a way to mollify the lords. I admit, freely, it was quite egoistical to feast here while the rest of the Holy Hill doesn’t. I truly do. I just had this one wish that has been haunting me. I wished for just one night where everything seemed... Normal."

Tylendel: "I understand, my lord."

Esmond: "Yes, thank you. To keep the darkness at bay, just for one evening. And we did! But I suppose it was quite unfair."

He looks very thoughtful.
Esmond II looks at hiw father, biting his lip.

Esmond II: "Right after they left my sister immediately began to point out how I could have done it better. When will you teach her to act like she’s supposed to act?"

Esmond scowls at his son.

Esmond II: "Do you not think I’ve tried?"

Tylendel bites his lip to avoid commenting, since he thinks well of Dorotei.

Esmond II: "Captain Ollyp. You must be tired. You have been doing your duty for many, many hours more than you deserve. I want you to take a rest and be back in the courtyard at evenfall."

Captain Ollyp bows.

Ollyp: "Yes, my lord."

He stands up and leaves the room. Tylendel eats the rest of his food.

Tylendel: "I should be heading to my room at Tamolyn as well to get some sleep."

Esmond: Yes, there are more people here that needs some rest. I guess I’ll see you at the morning council."

Tylendel nods

Tylendel: "I think so."

Tylendel stands up and exhales.

Tylendel: "On second thought, about that room."

Esmond: "You want to be our guest?"

Tylendel: "If you don’t mind. I can’t be bothered walking up the hill now."

Esmond: "You know, it feels good to be able to assits you. Dusan?"

Dusan: "Yes, milord."

The herald bows to Tylendel.

Dusan: "Follow me, syr."

Tylendel picks up Red Dancer and turns to Duke Esmond.

Tylendel: "Thank you for your hospitality, my lord."

Esmond: "I don’t want to hear it."

As Tylendel follows Dusan out of the room, he can hear Duke Esmond talking to his son.

Esmond: "And you? Will I see you at the council tomorrow morning?"

Esmond II: "Father, we’re shooting tomorrow morning. I told you."

As Tylendel is led upstairs, it occurs to Tylendel that he had a much more thorough upbringing than the young Esmond.

Dusan: "These chambers, I believe, belonged to the tutors of the school below. We haven’t refurbished everything, but some of these rooms are adequate, I believe, and I’ll make sure we bring in a few more blankts so you don’t freeze."

He opens a door to a sparsely furnitured chamber with a window that opens to the stairway. Tylendel starts taking off his armour as Dusan fetches more blankets and hurriedly starts making the bed.

Dusan: "You deserve better, I understand that, but this is what I can right at this moment, my lord."

Tylendel: "Right now I’s be happy with a straw mattress on the ground. Thank you."

Dusan: "You can close those shutters if you wish to have more quietitude."

Tylendel: "I believe the air will do me good."

Dusan: "As you wish, my lord. Rest well."

Tylendel: "Thank you."

Dusan: "I gathered from my lord that you deserve that, several times over."

Tylendel: "I just hope I get some rest."

Dusan: "Yes, my lord. I will tell the guards at the door to be quiet."

Tylendel gets out of his armour and clothes and crawls under the blankets, falling asleep almost immediately.

The last thing he hears before falling asleep is Dusan telling the soldiers to be quiet.

Tylendel wakes confused. He dreamt he was in The Between, but he wasn’t sure if he dreamt he was there or if he was actually there, and the confusion woke him. The bedclothes tells him he’s been tossing in his sleep, but he feels well rested.

He gets out of bed, washes himself quickly, dresses and walks downstairs. There he finds Duke Esmond and Dusan.

Esmond: "Good morning!"

Tylendel: "Good morning, my lord."

Esmond: "I guess it’s a dumb question to ask if you slept well."

Tylendel: "I slept like a babe in his mother’s arms, my lord."

Esmond: "Yes, you didn’t even register that we brought you some water and items that you could use. I hope you noticed."

Tylendel: "I did notice now."

Esmond: "I was just about to tell my herald to go wake you up."

Tylendel: "I saved him a trip, then."

Esmond looks at his herald and smiles

Esmond: "Yes. You see, the morning council meeting is starting very soon."

Tylendel: "Of course."

Esmond points to the dining hall.

Esmond: "If you hurry inside there is some breakfast for you. I’ll wait for you outside. I have some orders to give my men."

Tylendel: "Thank you, my lord."

Tylendel walks into the dining hall, where Esmond II, Dorotei, and some of the younger nobles are sitting.

Esmond II: "Come have a seat, my friend!"

Tylendel sits down at the lord’s end of the table, placing Red Dancer by the wall. He notices everybody’s eyes following him.

Dorotei: "Good morning."

Tylendel: "Good morning, my lady."

The others around the table are quiet, seemingly uncertain on how to treat Tylendel. As he starts eating, conversations restart again the table.

Tylendel: "My apologies for being hasty, but your father is waiting for me."

Esmond II: "We understand. Don’t we?"

He looks at his sister, who shrugs.

Dorotei: "I can understand it, but in some way I don’t. Why sit at a meeting with all those stuffy old guys."

Tylendel: "Well, not all of us are old."

Doretei: "That’s true."

There are bows, satchels and quivers stacked against the wall.

Esmond II: "We’re going to shoot today. I’ve invited the lot to a private competition."

Tylendel: "Good. We need everyone to be able to shoot when the Norochtí are climbing the walls."

Young noble: "Ah, my lord, we’re all well trained in the arts of war."

Tylendel: "That’s good, because the Creeping God’s army is only ten days away now."

Young Brysk noble: "Ten days?!"

The young man looks shocked. Tylendel waggles his hand.

Tylendel: "Approximately."

Youngest Brysk sister: "That’s your problem, never paying attention."

Young Brysk noble: "Ah, shut it."

As the young nobles keep chatting, Tylendel finishes his food and stands. He bows to Esmond II and Dorotei.

Tylendel: "My lord, milady."

Esmond II: "It’s an honour to have you as our guest. Please, do not hesitate to visit Highwind Keep at any time."

Tylendel: "I will do so if time allows."

Esmond II: "Maybe we will speak with each other again."

Tylendel: "Of course."

Tylendel fetches Red Dancer and leaves the Keep. In the courtyard Duke Esmond is waiting for Tylendel.

Esmond: "Are you fresh enough to walk, my lord? To get some fresh air before we enter that musty hall?"

Tylendel: "Indeed I am."

Esmond: "That is excellent. I need to make sure to use my leg every day."

Tylendel and Esmond walk across the Holy Hill to the House of Martial Holies. On the way they encounter Syr Gylian Urunmyst, who accompanies them.

Gylian: "My lords."

Esmond: "Good morning."

Tylendel: "Good morning, Syr Gylian."

Gylian: "Enjoying the weather?"

Tylendel: "I choose to look at it as refreshing."

Gylian: "It is, it is. Well, I assume we are going to take the same trail down to the same place, so we can join?"

Esmond: "Yes."

Tylendel: "Of course."

When they arrive at the council chamber the usual gathering is there. Lord Esmond seems uncomfortable, but looks more at ease as the others smiles at his and Tylendel’s arrival. The order of the day is mostly the usual, but after a while Duke Esmond’s suspected hoarding of food is spoken of. Syr Bohumíl speaks of their worries, and Duke Esmond explains his reasoning behind holding the feast. They seem like they don’t manage to bring forward their points, and they agree to talk of other orders.

Tylendel: "Has a tally been made of how much food we found yesterday?"

Esmond: "No tally yet, my lord. But I assure you, Syr Bohumíl, we have a warehouse of edible meat, and wheat that we can turn into bread. By the... Powers of our friend Greyoak here."

Bohumíl: I hear you very well, but I think we have to move on to the next item on our agenda."

The meeting goes on, with talk about defenses, troops and logistics. As the meeting comes to a close, Esmond and Bohumíl walks over to the parlour to have a private conversation. As Haralamb leaves, Tylendel stops him and asks him if he knows where the Cultist mask Syr Compton found is.

Haralamb: "It was given to my brother the lord. But I don’t know if he took it to Sirry or not. If you wish, I can try to find out."

Tylendel: "Please do."

Haralamb: "I’ll talk to Syr Compton."

Tylendel: "Thank you."

Next, Tylendel talks to Syr Malor Mefester.

Malor: "Morning."

Tylendel: "Good morning, Syr Malor. When Syr Kervel attacked the Cultist that was bearing the scroll, do you know if the Cultist’s mask was brought with you?"

Malor: "At the Blackwing Hill? He tried to grab him, and the one that ran off. I think Bohumíl grabbed that mask, or whoever it was., but I haven’t seen it."

Tylendel: "I’ll ask Bohumíl then. Thank you."

Malor: "You’ve come a long way, Greyoak. Hrmf."

Syr Malor leaves to inspect his Bone Dragons, and Tylendel goes to the cellar vault to fetch the mirror. He makes sure that the sword and helmet are still there, then brings the mirror back to the council hall, where Bohumíl and Esmond are still talking, and sits down in his usual place at the table.

Once the mirror is placed and Tylendel has found a comfortable position, Tylendel thinks the Moon Guard Oath at it, working on his hunch that the mirror was once used by the Watchers of Old. Next he orders the mirror to show him a vision.

Tylendel: "Show me the chained lady from the rift."

The mirror’s surface starts swirling, and after a while it shows the inside of a tent. A chain is fastened to the central pole, in the other end are manacles. Trapped in the manacles is the woman Tylendel first saw in the rift on the Great Plain. She looks dejected. On the table in the tent a dagger  stands. The dagger looks like Braek’s daggers.

Tylendel casts a spell that doubles the size of the woman’s manacles, freeing her. Her eyes grow bigger as the manacles expand. As she pulls her arms out of the manacles, Tylendel releases the spell, making them contract to their normal size. The woman looks shocked for a moment, then crawls over to the table and fetches the dagger. When she crawls out of the blankets that covered her, Tylendel can finally see that there’s nothing creepy about her lower body – her legs are amputated mid-thigh.

Tylendel: "Who are you?"

She spends some time looking around under the edges of the tent around the tent while Tylendel watches. Having found the best place to escape, she then cuts a hole in the tent wall and crawls out. She looks scared but determined as she crawls through the enemy’s camp. The camp is being dismantled.

Tylendel: "Well, your fate is in your own hands now, lady."

Tylendel once again tries to will the mirror to show him something.

Tylendel: "Show me where on the Great Plain that encampment is."

This time the mirror goes black, and doesn’t who Tylendel anything. The mirror grows hot in his hands, and he puts the mirror on the table and moves away. After a few heartbeats Tylendel goes back and picks up the mirror again, and tries to make it show something else. The mirror has cooled.

Tylendel: "Show me source of the darkness covering Borka."

This time the mirror shows him a dark, reddish landscape, and after a while he recognises the Doomed City. He orders the mirror to bring him closer, and the mirror takes him on a journey through the city. He sees movement in the streets, mostly Cultists, but sometimes Norochtí. The mirror takes him to a ruined tower on the top of the city, where in the centre of the courtyard is a dark shaft going into the hill. Tylendel feels an intense heat, as if he’s actually in the Doomed City and not on the Holy Hill. In alcoves around the shaft stands four armours, the same as Tylendel saw in Blackstorm Keep and the one that almost killed him on his way to Skyfall. He orders the mirror to take him closer. He notices that the walls of the courtyard are carved in the Brentonni style, then the mirror takes him into the shaft.

As he descends, the light disappears, and Tylendel can only sense that the mirror descends into the Edurian Height. After a while, it starts getting light again. He enters a giant hall where the shaft ends. The entire floor is a grand mosaic of a dragonlike creature, almost identical with the Dragon Circle at the Hall of the Watchers. The walls are divided into many openings separated by arches, and the mirror takes him into one of them.

On Tamolyn Pahórek, Tylendel feels the mirror vibrating in his hands.

Finally a growing light appears in front of him. He is in a massive cavern under the Doomed City. Most of the floor is covered by a small lava lake, bubbling and hissing. At the shore, ten black-clad persons are kneeling, apparently in prayer. Front the roof, a large number of chains hang, some with corpses in varying states of decay attached to them. As his eyes adjust to the light, he spots more groups of praying Cultists. Over the lake he sees a stone ledge where a column of Cultists walk, the foremost holding a staff. The mirror fades to black.

The mirror in Tylendel’s hands is warm, and as he looks up, he sees Syr Bohumíl and Duke Esmond looking at him.

Bohumíl: "Are you all right?"

Tylendel is still struggling to adjust to being in the House of Martial Holies.

Tylendel: "Hmm?"

Bohumíl: "My apologies, I didn’t even notice that you returned."

Esmond: "Neither did I."

Tylendel: "Oooh. Yeeeah, I... I’m okay."

Esmond stands up and comes over to Tylendel.

Esmond: "Are you sure, my friend:"

Tylendel: "Yeeeah."

Tylendel puts the mirror down on the table as Bohumíl also comes over to him.

Bohumíl: "Is it smoking?"

Tylendel: "What?"

A small wisp of smoke rises from the mirror and disappears. Bohumíl looks curious, and Esmond leans on the chair on front of him.

Tylendel: "I was trying to find the source of the darkness, and it showed me the halls beneath the Doomed City. There were priests worshipping. Molten stone everywhere, lakes of it. Processions going along the sides of the caves, and chains and cages hanging from the ceiling."

Bohumíl: "One would expect the doomed city to be a harrowing place, but... The darkness is in the sky. Above us."

Tylendel: "But te source of the darkness may be underground. The Crow-king said that the Creeping God was the source, but I don’t believe him. He is, after all, the Liar from the Heights."

Bohumíl: "We can only put our trust and hope in you, Greyoak. You are our very own and only resident sorcerer."

Esmond: "Maybe it will please you to know that we have managed to come to an agreement."

Tylendel: "Good."

Esmond: "And we remain good allies."

He nods at Bohumíl, who smiles and nods back.

Tylendel: "Good, good. The last thing we need is to fight amongst ourselves."

Bohumíl: "Bad enough with what happened yesterday."

Tylendel holds his hand over the mirror to gauge the temperature, noticing that it’s started cooling off.

Tylendel: "Well, I believe this has had it for today. The army of the Creeping God is still marching west. They’re somewhere on the plain."

Bohumíl: "Very well. But you were not able to judge the distance?"

Tylendel: "The mirror didn’t want to show me."

Esmond: "Does it have a will of its own?"

Tylendel: "There is a spirit in it."

Duke Esmond backs away, eyes wide.

Tylendel: "I suspect the spirit was put there against its will. Which is why I can’t use it more today. It always tries to break free."

Esmond: "I understand."

Suddenly there are hard, fast knocks on the door, making both Bohumíl and Esmond jump.

Bohumíl: "Yes!"

His hand goes to his sword hilt as the doors open. Count Andraw Iker, Dusan Balére and Captain Ollyp enters, looking panicky.

Andraw looks to Tylendel and Bohumíl,

Andraw: "My excuses, my lord."

then turns to Duke Esmond.

Andraw: "My lord, come with us, please. Now."

The newcomers all turn around to leave. Duke Esmond looks at Tylendel and Bohumíl, a worried look on his face.

Esmond: "Excuse us."

Bohumíl: "What now?"

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Online Recap 19.10.2018
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