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 Online Recap 30.10.2018

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PostSubject: Online Recap 30.10.2018   Online Recap 30.10.2018 I_icon_minitimeWed 31 Oct 2018, 15:44

The undead horse charges Tylendel, and for a moment he is uncertain what to do.

Tylendel: "That’s a destrier. Destriers are dangerous. In Grandmother’s dream I flew. Horses can’t fly."

Willing himself to fly, Tylendel soon finds himself hovering in the air above the horse’s reach. As the horse stops beneath him, snorting, it’s teeth snapping after him, Tylendel giggles nervously.

Tylendel: "I can fly."

The horse stamps its hooves, circling beneath Tylendel, maggots crawling on its hide.

Tylendel: "Who’s controlling you? Begone."

Tylendel tries willing it away, but the only effect appears to be to anger the undead horse some more. Tylendel tries moving through the air, and finds he is able to fly through the air as well as hover. Distracted, he flies around the stone spires a few times, laughing quietly. The horse follows him, and when the joy of first flight passes and he gains more control, Tylendel decides it is time to take care of the horse. Drawing Red Dancer, he swoops down towards the horse, swinging the blade, chopping deep into its neck. The horse collapses. A sickening stench comes towards Tylendel and he floats backwards.

As he is already airborne he continues his search for more inscriptions in the spires; he finds several, some new and some repeating, but there is no apparent pattern to them, and they don’t seem to lead to anywhere. After some time searching fruitlessly, he starts thinking about moving on. The last couple of jumps within the Between he felt some resistance, making him consider returning to Eras as well. Just as he thinks about returning, dark clouds start gathering over him, and he can hear rumbling in the distance. Suddenly the world goes blindingly bright, a brigthness that brings a stabbing pain into his head, almost throwing he out of the air. He decides to make one more jump, to get away, and he aims for the Ghostweave, Ipeshtir’s ship.

He opens his eyes. There are blue spots in front of his eyes, but after some time he notices he is in a large chamber. Around him are openings in the walls, like doors, each with blue smoke coming from holes in the floor.

Tylenel: "What have I stumbled upon this time?"

There is a faded painting on the floor, and Tylendel wills it to look as new. Slowly, colour returns to the painting, and an eight-armed figure appears, with each hand is holding a dagger, a drawing similar to the one that fell out of The Prophecy of Rivers Red. A difference from that drawing is that on this one there are countless skulls around its legs.

Tylendel: "Now, who are you supposed to be? When I saw the drawing from the book, I thought it was Rúis and Parafor as one, but you’re the Guardian of Death, aren’t you? Or maybe you’re the killer."

Tylendel walks around the chamber for a while, thinking, but eventually he shakes his head and walks over to one of the doorways. Around each opening there is what looks like faded writing; willing it to return to its former glory, he finds that it is indeed writing, but not anything he understands. The writing looks to Tylendel like the writing in the Codex of the Lost.

Tylendel: "Eight hands, eight daggers, eight masks for wight worshippers of Shadow."

He stands thinking for some time about what he knows, trying to find some answers.

Tylendel: "If this is the source of the Watchers of Old, then let us watch. If I can will things, do I really need the mirror?"

He tries willing the opening he stands in front of to show him the chamber he is sitting in in Tamolyn Pahórek, but nothing happens.

Tylendel: "Maybe I cannot. Well, if this is the Guardian of the Twilight Gate, let’s make a gate ourselves."

He tries willing the opening he stands in front of to become a gate to the chamber he is sitting in in Tamolyn Pahórek, and... Focussing, he makes the smoke in the back of the chamber start glowing. The smoke/light spreads out, connecting to the sides of the alcove behind the doorway. After a while, the it stabilises, in what looks like a pulsating blue light that is connected to the walls by strands of smokey light.

Tylendel: "By Saint Urol’s scabby ballsack."

Tylendel steps into the light.

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Online Recap 30.10.2018
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