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 Online Session Recap - 06.11.2018

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PostSubject: Online Session Recap - 06.11.2018   Online Session Recap - 06.11.2018 I_icon_minitimeSat 17 Nov 2018, 22:25

Tylendel is sitting in the infirmary with Ghoston and Wilmar. They are chewing dried meat, and Tylendel’s thoughts are whirling.

Ghoston: "Will they bring that young man here, do you think?"

Tylendel: "I don’t know."

Wilmar: "Sounds like the priest they had knew his business. No need to come here then."

Wilmar stands up and walks into the store room, probably looking for something to drink. He hums an old Wick song.

Tylendel (mumbling): "I can’t do anything about this today."

He stands

Tylendel: "Thank you for the meat, Ghoston. I’ll see to it that you get some help."

Ghoston: "Thank you, my lord. And do not thank me, we’re all indebted to you."

Tylendel: "I don’t know if I do enough."

Tylendel leaves the room and the temple. He crosses the Everspring Garden to Ironheart Tower, seeking Syr Dostan. Just after leaving the temple he encounters Syr Bohumíl by a small shrine, apparently working to prepare it for some ceremony. Syr Bohumíl notices Tylendel.

Bohumíl: "Lord Greyoak."

Tylendel bows to him, and they walk to meet each other.

Tylendel: "I guess you’ve heard."

Bohumíl: "Yes. It doesn’t make things easier."

Tylendel: "It was probably the same one that killed Count Alés last night. I think the poison is the same."

Bohumíl: "I feared as much. Now I have lost two of my closest friends. I decided to busy myself. We’re preparing this shrine for the ninth."

Tylendel: "I promised him to teach him how to speak to women."

Bohumíl: "Esmond?"

Tylendel nods

Bohumíl: Yeah, poor guy. He was always shy. I think I know why. All the ... non-shyness went to his sister."

Tylendel: "A protective father and a forward sister."

Bohumíl: "I think the good duke has had his hands full with her when she was younger. Feisty, but also beautiful."

Tylendel: "Very much so."

Bohumíl: "I can imagine that many men would seek her hand if they could."

Tylendel: "Syr Linás is trying."

Bohumíl: "Syr Linás? All right."

Tylendel: "He’s trying enough to annoy her."

Bohumíl: "I can’t blame the man for trying to find some light in his life."

Tylendel: "Yes. I’ll see what I can do to find the assassin tomorrow. I need to use the mirror."

Bohumíl: "I see. No investigations today? You look tired."

Tylendel: "After what I saw from the assassin last night, I don’t think he has left any traces. He’s good."

Bohumíl: "I suppose he must be. But if you want to, we could arrange for some ivestigations while you’re resting. I mean... It doesn’t hurt to have someone check out the stories of those who were there, just to make sure nothing gets lost during that time. I don’t know."

Tylendel: "We could find out if anyone has seen or heard anything."

Bohumíl: "Exactly."

Tylendel: "For now, I think the best we can do is to make sure the walls are well lit at night, and that there are a proper number of guards."

Bohumíl: "I was thinking of bringing this up in the council tomorrow morning, but I think we will need, very soon, to send a troop down to the Westwood or the Lord’s Forest to harvest more wood, especially if we’re going to keep this place well lit."

Tylendel: "Tear down some buildings. That wood is already dry."

Bohumíl: "All right."

Tylendel: "Buildings can be rebuilt. If we send a party into the forest to get slaughtered we can’t rebuild them."

Bohumíl: "But my lord, who would we set to investigate the matter of my friend. Do you have a suggestion?"

Tylendel: "Count Sandath."

Bohumíl: "As you wish. I’ll see to it."

Tylendel notes that Bohumíl has found a scabbard for Shriek, and that it is resting on his front right thigh.

Tylendel: "I need to speak with Syr Dostan. Do you know if hes at the Ironheart Tower?"

Bohumíl: "That is where they are quartered. I don’t know if he’s there now or not."

Tylendel: "I’ll head down there, then."

Bohumíl: "I think he is a good man, Syr Dostan. Quiet, but he seems like... I think of him as a shield."

Tylendel: "Indeed. He is one of the few men I think I can trust completely here."

Bohumíl: "Then my feeling was correct. There are, of course, those who, despite everything, find it hard to trust westlanders. But we’re working on it."

Tylendel: "Has the stories of the Lady of Summer started spreading yet?"

Bohumíl: "I don’t know how widespread it is as of now, my lord, but I can only imagine that soon everybody will now. I have seen people wandering around looking at that wood, that copse."

He points to where the Lady was buried.

Tylendel: "Good."

Tylendel says farewell and continues towards Ironheart Tower. Once at the tower he walks upstarirs. In the room before the meeting room there are a few soldiers eating; there are fruits and vegetables on trenchers on the tables, and Tylendel diverts his path from the meeting room to one of the trenchers. He grabs a couple of apples before stepping up to the knight that is guarding the door.

Knight: "Good afternoon, my lord. It is a pleasure to see you again."

Tylendel: "Good afternoon."

Knight: "They are inside. I was told not to disturb them, but I think I can make an exception for you."

Tylendel: "Hopefully."

Knight: "Give me a moment."

He enteres the room briefly, then comes back out and opens the door for Tylendel, smiling knowingly. Tylendel enters, where he finds Syr Dostan, Syr Gombald and Black Jaquan, the scribe with the birthmark and a captain.

They stop talking as Tylendel enters.

Tylendel: "Good afternoon, gentlemen. I hope I’m not disturbing."

Dostan: "You are, of course, welcome. What brings you here, my friend?"

Tylendel: "I guess you’ve heard the news about Lord Esmond II."

Dostan: "Lord Esmond II... Is that the son of the Duke of Halinhaven, am I right? No, we haven’t heard. Tell us. I can see it on your face it’s not good news."

Tylendel: "He died a short while ago. I believe he was poisoned during the night. The same poison that was attemted to be used against Count Alés."

Dostan: "I was about to ask if the darkness had taken him after all, but... The same poison, you say?"

Tylendel: "I believe so. The symptoms sound the same."

Dostan: "I understand. I have little knowledge of such things, I’m afraid. That is truly terrible news. It does confirm we have an assassin of sorts in our midst."

Tylendel: "Either in our midst or one who climbs the wall when he wants to get in and out of the hill."

Gombald: "Hm. Then he must be a pretty good climber. Now with the snow and ice gone."

Tylendel: "Well, this wall isn’t the hardest to climb. There are gaps between the stones."

Gombald. "Hmf."

Tylendel: "And he is good. And the Crow-king is helping him."

Dostan: "You’re certain of this by now?"

Tylendel: "Yes."

Dostan: "I’d reckoned that that would be his kind of way."

Tylendel: "He’s trying to sow discord."

Dostan: "Darkness and stealth and discord indeed."

Tylendel notices that Dostan looks tired.

Tylendel: "I’ve asked Syr Bohumíl to increase the guards on the walls and make sure the walls are properly lit."

Dostan: "A wise decision."

Tylendel: "I think that’s all we can do until I can try to use the mirror tomorrow, to find the assassin. The Crow-king’s protections are too strong for me to find him on my own."

Dostan: "I wish I could help you with that."

Tylendel: "So do I, my friend."

Captain: "I have heard stories about that mirror. So it is true, then? You can see other places through it? A truly magical item."

Tylendel: "Indeed it is."

Captain: "There are so many stories and great tales about you, Lord Greyoak. It is hard to know which are true and which have been exaggerated."

Tylendel: "There may be some exaggerations. I guess the operatives of the Purple Chalice have been asking about me as well?"

He looks around the table at the others, and they look at each other as well.

Dostan: "I haven’t seen them since the meeting, to be honest."

Tylendel: "Neither have I, but they said they would... Well, ask about. I have a few questions I want to ask them as well."

Gombald: "Perhaps you have your assassin right there. Nobody knows how they got inside."

Dostan: "Don’t be too hasty with yout conclusions. I don’t think they are... Well, I do think that they would be capable of such a thing, but I can’t see any reason why they would start attacking people here. They’re on our side, Syr Gombald."

Tylendel looks at Syr Dostan

Tylendel: "And things were said at that meeting that the Crow-king would have been gloating about if he had known."

Dostan: "What specifically did you have in mind, my lord?"

Tylendel: "My sire."

Dostan: "Ah, yes. Of course."

Tylendel: "I tried killing the Crow-king today, and he didn’t say anything about it, so I guess he doesn’t know."

Dostan: "That’s good, then. Finally a little light of hope. You see, my lord, we have been sitting here all morning, all day, discussing, trying to make the best out of our current situation. We do command a very large army compared to the other lords around here, and we’re having some trouble with morale. So we have been discussing how we can... We’ll we’ve been working out some ideas on how to improve that. It’s quite possible that Captain Renbert has turned away people with the news that you came with, or they didn’t deem it of our interesest, I do not know. But it is grevious news. Why him? An easy target?"

Tylendel: "Lord Esmond is close to both me and Bohumíl."

Dostan: "Hm. Could it be a strike against you?"

Tylendel: "He is trying to strike to destroy our morale. To hit the leadership. Trying to break our hearts so we turn against each other."

Dostan turns to the others.

Dostan: "This, my friends, shows the ruthlessness and evil and wickedness in our enemy."

He stands up

Dostan: "This is why we are here. Soon, the God will call us to our duty against this treacherours, serpent-like being."

Dostan looks very determined.

Tylendel: "The Crow-king is leading his army to Tamolyn Pahórek. He will come, and there is a purpose to why the Prophet’s Host came here. There is a purpose to you being in this city, at this place, at this moment."

Dostan: "Well, you know, at all began on a shore far away."

Tylendel: "Indeed it did."

Dostan: "The Prophet was wise to heed his own decisions."

Gombald: "If only he could wake up."

Tylendel and Dostan starts talking together.

Tylendel: "The infirmary---"

Dostan: "Something tells me---"

Tylendel: "Go on."

Dostan: "Something tells me that we would be worse off if he didn’t sleep, Syr Gombald. He is working for us as we speak."

Tylendel nods, and when Syr Dostan notices, he breathes a sigh of relief.

Dostan: "I... I do think so."

Tylendel: "If he didn’t, the Creeping God would have been among us allready."

He tells them about what he believes Parafor is able to do, that he can take over people’s bodes, that he can corrupt them and kill their insides, like what happened to Syr Jahon and Lady Tholdy, and that he believes that Haskent is shielding the city.

The men are listening attentively, asking a few questions for clarification.

Dostan: "Yes. I thank you for delivering the news. I... I’m sorry."

Tylendel: "As am I."

Dostan: "And I am also sorry for being such a rude host. Can we get you something to drink?"

Tylendel: "If you have something, please.

Dostan snabs his fingers to get the attention of a guard.

Dostan: "Fetch us something to drink, my good man."

Guard: "Yes, my lord."

After a while they get served some watered, red wine. While they wait Tylendel asks them if the tale of the Lady of Summer has started spreading amongst the Prophet’s Host.

Dostan: "I think so, my lord. To be honest, we haven’t spent much time with our soldiers the over last few days, except for our captains who are ordered to try and boost the morale while we plan our next moves. But I can ask the captains to bring us a report?"

Tylendel: "There is no need. It will start slow, and it will spread. It has only been a day, yet."

Dostan: "It is a good story, and I am sure that it will spread, and it will bring hope to people."

Tylendel: "We need it."

Dostan: "But do not forget that many of our men have travelled thousands of miles. They are far, far from home. There are many who see no hope nor reason to staying here in the dark when they could be heading for better places. And of course, many are still devout, bu things are changing among our followers, our Prophet’s followers."

Tylendel: "I need more time... I’ll try to find time the following days to walk amongst them and speak to them. There’s too much to do and not time do it."

Dostan: "And as such I think you should not lay another burden on your shoulders, my friend. This is our task. We led them this far. But showing yourself could be enough, I don’t know. Tales of you... They are widespread."

Tylendel nods slowly, then looks Syr Dostan in the eyes.

Tylendel: "But it is my task as well."

Dostan: "If the god wills it."

Dostan asks the soldier to put more logs in the fireplace.

Tylendel: "Ghoston needs your help. How many seamstresses came along with your army?"

Gombald: "Yes, he’s at the infirmary. I hope he does his job well? Seamstresses... Well, we do have a number of women, followers, and I would suppose many of them know that particular art."

Tylendel: "He needs help at the infirmary. There’s not enough of him. I was thinking... He doesn’t need much help with the work; he needs someone to watch over the sick and the wounded, and fetch him if he’s needed. Sewing is quiet work."

Gombald: "Ah, I understand."

He looks at Dostan, who nods.

Gombald: "Very well."

Tylendel: "Besides, if we’re beseiged we’re going to need a lot of bandages. If we have some to help watch over the sick and wounded now and make bandages while they do so, so much the better."

Faceman: "That sounds clever to me."

Gombald: "Yeah."

Dostan: "Yes. I’ll see to it, my lord."

Tylendel: "And if you have some more guards to spare for the infirmaries as well, that would be good. Haskent may be a target."

Dostan: "We will fix that."

After some time, the Prophet’s men finish their business, leaving Syr Dostan and Tylendel alone.

Dostan: "My apologies, Greyoak, I understand you wish to speak to me, but I’ll be back in a minute."

Dostan leaves the room to relieve himself, giving Tylendel time to gather his thoughts.

Tylendel: "The Priest, the Hermit, and the Lady of Summer. Well, the Lady of Summer was buried two days ago. The Priest was Wilmar Wyck. He made me aware of the operatives of the Purple Chalice, and gave me some sort of contact with the Holy Sword. The Hermit... I released her from her chains this morning. She was a prisoner of the Crow-king’s host."

Dostan: "My lord, you surprise me. I was of the impression that you held little faith in the Sist Sahada."

Tylendel: "I didn’t."

Dostan: "There is a new deck spreading among our soldiers. It is said that this is the one deck that the followers of Isa had been using for a long time, and that the deck I had been holding on to is but a copy. It’s interesting."

Tylendel: "The deck of Isa is spreading amongst the locals as well:"

Dostan: "Some priests in the Eveninghall would call the use of the deck blasphemous."

Tylendel: "Some priests in the Eveninghall don’t know what they’re talking about."

Dostan smiles

Dostan: "A succint observation, my lord."

Tylendel: "They say that there is only one god, even though we are fighting another one."

Dostan: "As any priest would say: It depends on how you view it."

Tylendel: "I have faced the Creeping God."

Dostan: "Yes, but there are many who speak of him as an aspect of Ruis. Thus he is the same."

Tylendel: "And the others?"

Dostan: "I know what you mean, Lord Greyoak, I’m just saying: Whatever truth you claim, there is always someone who is claiming anothet truth."

Tylendel: "Of course."

Tylendel draws Wail, and hands it to Syr Dostan hilt first.

Dostan: "What is the meaning of this, my lord?"

Tylendel: "It is a Moonsteel dagger, one I believe was made by Lug, the last king of the giants. Take it. It might save your life."

Dostan: "I cannot accept such a noble gift, my friend."

Tylendel: "I want you to have it."

Dostan reluctantly takes the dagger.

Dostan: "It’s a beautiful, beautiful weapon. Exquisitely carved. One could believe it was made by something like a last giant. Are you sure about this?"

Tylendel: "Yes. It is the only thing I know of that can kill a manwof, and... As far as I know, Moonsteel can negate magic. If someone is protected by magic, that can still harm them."

Dostan: "Then it is more than a noble gift. I thank you, and I will take good care of it, and of course, whenever you ask for its return, you will have it."

Smiling, Tylendel draws Howler.

Tylendel: "I have another one."

Dostan: "Even so."

Tylendel: "You, I and Bohumíl each have one now. As does the lady I think is the Hermit you spoke of."

He tells Dostan of the first time he saw her on the Great Plains, and what he has seen through the mirror.

Tylendel: "Then there are two more. Those are lost forever. They are within Braek’s tomb, and..."

Dostan: "I see. You sealed them."

Tylendel: "I don’t think those will ever be excavated again. The tomb is made of Blacksteel."

Dostan: "Yes, I know."

Tylendel: "Even magic can’t change Blacksteel."

Dostan: "I see. But this is Moonsteel?""

Tylendel: "Moonstone."

Dostan: "Moonstone, sorry. And what is the difference?"

Tylendel: "Blacksteel absorbs magic. It takes the power of spells cast on it within itself, removes whatever you want to do with the spell, maybe even stores the magic. Moonstone destroys magic, and..."

He draws Howler again, and holding it tightly draws the blade along his Blacksteel armour. Sparks fly.

Tylendel: "And Moonstone and Blacksteel don’t like each other."

Dostan: "I see. Moon... Moonlight. Blacksteel. Black. Black inside? Is there some link to these two aspects, milord?"

Tylendel: "I don’t know. The Brentonni worshipped the Lost God as well. There was some sort of rebellion, and some of the rebels started turning into Manwolves. The Brentonni made the Moonstone, made weapons of Moonstone, to fight the Manwolves. There is some sort of connection to the Lost God, but... It’s tenuous at best."

Dostan: "Sounds like one of those old legends of this man who could turn himself into a wolf."

Tylendel: "That’s what I thought about the first time I met the Manwolf as well, but as far as I have been able to learn the turning happened only once."

Dostan: "I see.Much like the Night People, perhaps."

Tylendel: "Perhaps. I haven’t been able to place them properly yet. They’re called the Children of the First City. If they were once Brentonni as well, they turned away from the Lost God and followed the Creeping God."

Dostan: "Well they sure seem to do so now."

Tylendel: "They do. And they can get in anywhere, even... Even under ground. Do you know who’s guarding the tunnel?"

Dostan: "What tunnel, my lord?"

Tylendel: "The tunnel out of the city."

Dostan: "Umm... There is a tunnel, tunnel?! Underground?"

Tylendel: "From under the temple. To outside the city."

Dostan: "The temple here? Tamolyn?"

Tylendel: "It’s how I got into the city when you and your army arrivbed here."

Dostan: "Well that is a liability."

Tylendel stands.

Tylendel: "I need to speak to Syr Gylian."

Dostan: "Anything I can do for you?"

Tylendel: "I don’t think the Wardens would appreciate anyone other than them being in the tunnels beneath Tamolyn Pahórek. If that isn’t guarded... Stay watchful, my friend."

Tylendel leaves Syr Dostan and makes haste towards the House of Martial Holies. There he finds Syr Gylian in his private shrine, dedicated to Saint Kalulas. Syr Gylian is kneeling in front of a small altar. Tylendel makes his way in quietly.

Gylian: "... you know that my soul, my heart, my existence, if danger demands is wholly yours."

He appears to notice somene standing behind him, and he stands up and turns towards the door.

Gylian: "What stranger breaks my blessed repose. My lord Greyoak."

Tylendel: "Grosskomptur. Who’s guarding the tunnel from Tamlyn Pahórek?"

Gylian flinches

Gylian: "I am sorry, I... Did not put any men on duty down there in the darkness. I rather chose to guard the upper hallways so nobody can pass down there. As I said, it is considered blasphemy to muck about down there. It is a holy place. I... I coudn’t. I just couldn’t. My apologies."

Tylendel: "In that case, we need to seal it."

Gylian: "Why this frown? Are they coming through the tunnels?"

Tylendel: "I’d be surprised if the Crow-king didn’t know about it. And there has been some... I have had some strange encounters around the tombs before. Oh, curse it."

Gylian: "But my lord Greyoak. The tombs, they are... They are blessed. No wickedness can enter there."

Tylendel: "I have killed norochtí in the tombs."

Syr Gylian blinks as if he can’t believe Tylendel’s

Gylian: According to the old texts the priests of the Holy Hill, they... They blessed every chamber, every tomb."

Tylendel: "But the Questioner started defiling the temple, and the Cult has had years to defile it."

Gylian: "Ah, you’re right, of course. It was defiled. How could I have..."

His eyes starts watering

Tylendel: "We need to scour the tombs. Damn it."

Tylendel looks Syr Gylian in the eyes.

Tylendel: "I need a company of Wardens."

Gylian is very reluctant.

Tylendel: "Syr Gylian, we don’t know what’s down there, if anything has come through."

Gylian: "B-but why the Wardens? Do you assume they are the best fighting men, or?"

Tylendel: "Because they are some of the ones I know I can trust. And they have a connection to the Hill. They know what not to do in the tombs. They respect the tombs. Some of the westerners, they may do something... Unfortunate."

Gylian: "Fickle as the wind, they are. Well... We should put these idle hours to better use. But I fear vengeful spirits, and... Breaching the boundary."

Tylendel: "Will they be more vengeful if Wardens secure the tombs or if we let the tombs fill with Norochtí?"

Gylian: "It is more about us showing disrespect than..."

He stops for a few breaths.

Gylian: "May He forgive me. Very well. I know that I should listen to you and I know that you, perhaps, is even closer to him than I am. But it still breaks my heart. It must be all these years of devotion and..."

He shakes his head.

Tylendel: "I understand your pain, Grosskomptur, but we have made a poor judgement in not securing the tombs, and we need to rectify our mistake."

Tylendel emphasises "we" and "our". Gylian takes some time to think, and he appears to be struggling to find the right words. Finally he turns to Tylendel.

Gylian: "I guess I have to tell you that there is a second tunnel."

Tylendel’s heart skips a beat. Syr Gylian turns a few pages in his book, glancing sideways at Tylendel

Tylendel: "That... That would have been nice to know, yes."

Gylian: "I believe I am... I am convinced I am the only one on the Holy Hill to possess this secret.
Well, and now you, too, of course. There is anothet tomb, another false tomb. This one is one of the tombs enetered from the outside of the hill. It goes does, into the dark, then levels out, swining north west for a while. About halfway on that journey there is a cave, carved out from the deep ground. A resting place, if you will, and a place for prayer and guidance. The hallway continues for some whyile until it ends in the Westwood."

Tylendel: "How secure is that entrance?"

Gylian: "The one here or the one in the woods?"

Tylendel: "The one here."

Gylian: "It is a locked tomb, my lord. Nobody would think to unlock it and go inside, one of hundreds."

Tylendel: "Good, because the tunnel from the north, it has nothing, not even a door."

Gylian: "I see."

Tylendel: "That’s the one we need to secure now."

Gylian: "How many Wardens do you need?"

Tylendel: "A company."

Gylian: "Very well. I’ll give you the first company, then. You will speak to Syr Waldor of Ashgate. He is the captain of the First Wardens. I have not yet found the time to replace his lietenant."

Tylendel: "I will be as gentle as I can, but we need to make sure there is nothing... Tainted down there."

Gylian: "I am sure you know what you are doing, my lord. Once more I apologisew for my idleness."

Tylendel: "Things have happened, then things have happened. We have all been under a lot of stress lately."

Gylian: "It is very hard to know what is right and wrong these days. Harden than it has ever been. Old rules no longer apply. We have top make some new rules. Like we just did."

Tylendel: "Indeed. But some rules are always true. Be a shield against darkness, protect those who can’t protect themselves."

Gylian lays a hand on Tylendel’s shoulder.

Gylian: "Yu are a good man, Tylendel Greyoak. You could have risen far in the Order of the Holy Hill."

Tylendel smiles

Tylendel: "Before I was sent to the Moon Guard, you wouldn’t have taken me in."

Gylian: "Well, then it’s good to know that a man’s heart can change for the better, eh?"

Tylendel: "Indeed it is."

Gylian: "Well, I’m off a mind to visit the chamber and get myself something to eat and drink. If you want to you can of course join."

Tylendel: "I appreciate the offer, but I think... I have a feeling that we’re in a hurry to secure the tombs."

Gylian: "I hope that feeling is not right."

Tylendel: "So do I."

Gylian: "Well the, mey Dimsilver heal the bleeding wounds of our weary spirits."

Tylendel: "And may we always have Light where we walk."

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