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 Online Session Recap 22.03.2018

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PostSubject: Online Session Recap 22.03.2018   Online Session Recap 22.03.2018 I_icon_minitimeThu 22 Mar 2018, 11:41

Tylendel wakes up in their new chamber in the Temple of Summer, a larger chamber with its own privy, hearth, a sleeping area and a sitting area. Meditates, trying to reach Syr Natyn Evett, again without success, but this time he feels the knight's distant presence, as if he's close to reaching out, but not reaching him after all.

Tries to reach Haskent; whereas reaching Nathyn was like crawling across gravel, reaching Haskent is like being sucked into a maelstrom - and finds himself in what looks like a part of the Between. A slightly warm, pungent breeze fills a greenish air, and breathing feels like receiving small cuts in the throat. Above, he sees a multitude of boulders and rocks floating by, and beyond, four pale moons. The sickly wind moans around this broken plain. Tylendel notices the cracks around large boulders, indicating they have fallen down.
Looking for Haskent, he spies something white lying between some boulders about 700 meters away. He wills himself there (instead of moving his body physically) and manages it. It is Haskent, asleep, his face contorting as if he's dreaming intensely. Tylendel tries to speak with the prophet, but the old man doesn't react. Tylendel decides not to disturb him, in case he is indeed battling Parafor, and decides to try and reach for Arokin, another Aspect he has learned about who he thinks may come from the Between.

Tylendel wakes up again in the Temple of Summer, gets dressed, gets a fire going. A peasant of the Holy Harvesters arrives with hot water and begins to care for Eld.
Tylendel goes to eat breakfast in the mess hall, sees Witch Lights, but doesn't talk to anyone. After finishing he's out on the streets again, taking a new route down the western hills of Slechton toward Dancing Leaper's Gate. Here he enters Town's Heart before reaching Behány Gate and the North Ward.

Not far down Griffin Street South, a cloaked man suddenly appears from a narrow alley and tries to run away from the light of Shadowbreaker. Tylendel follows, and despite feeling weak, manages to trip the man and - when he realizes it's a Lost Cultist - pulls out Red Dancer and hacks into the man's thigh to the bone. A few seconds later he executes the cultist. Searching the man he finds a cut-and-thrust sword, a curved dagger, and a satchel with an empty wineskin and a pouch filled with nuts and roots. He leaves the cultist to bleed out in the alley, near a fortified temple in the southwest of the North Ward.

Tracking the cultist's movement back to the narrow alley Tylendel finds a partially hidden wooden shed full of equipment - and, up a ladder, two blankets on a fur, and a second satchel. This satchel too has a bag of nuts and roots, and a slice of what looks like pork. Waiting behind the shed's door for a while to see if a second cultist is about, he eventually decides to move on and crosses the Great Market, before swinging into Old Griffin Lane, past the ruins of a glassblower's workshop, until he once more reaches the gate of the North Ward Town Council. Here he is let in, and he walks through the backdoor into the kitchen where Dinja is busy learning how to cook soup, "waiting for the bubbles to rise". Justina is carrying some cleaned cloth and telling Dinja she's doing fine. Tylendel hands Dinja the cut-and-thrust sword he liberated from the cultist and reminds her she is going west with Duke Harmond's forces. He quickly notices that Dinja is trying to hide something. They walk out into the yard beneath a giant, limbless oak - its branches long since burned to ashes in the hearths of the Council Hall - where she tells him a man from Duke Harmond's train came by and asked her a lot of questions about Hazel Whisper.

Tylendel realizes by Dinja's description that it must be Wilmar Wick, the priest of Wickmark and younger brother of Syr Rhanmar. Knowing where the drunk stays, he paces to the Wayward Boar on the corner just west of the Council Hall, and enters. Wilmar is busy impressing a boy with a tale of a dragon landing on Wickmark Fort, but as soon as Tylendel enters he begins to act suspiciously. Tylendel tells the boy to go tend the fire and sits down with Wilmar, now obviously drunk.

Tylendel persuades the man to spill the beans - a man with a chalice tattooed on his chin appeared out of the shadows of the darkened hallway upstairs when Wilmar was about to go to bed. The stranger offered Wilmar a whole cask of brandywine if he went and talked to Dinja and asked questions about Hazel Whisper. Now, Wilmar is afraid for his life, and his face twists up in regret at telling Tylendel - but its's a hard choice anyway, as Tylendel reminds him, putting Shadowbreaker on the table to remind the priest of his sorcerous might.

Once he's done talking and learned that a chalice-tattoeed man paid Wilmar to ask Dinja questions about Hazel, Tylendel goes outside and hides in the shadows for ten minutes to see if Wilmar exits the Wayward Boar, but the man stays inside, tapping himself another brandy. Then, Tylendel decides to walk back to the North Ward Town Council Hall.

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Online Session Recap 22.03.2018
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