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 Online Session Recap 20.03.2018

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PostSubject: Online Session Recap 20.03.2018   Online Session Recap 20.03.2018 I_icon_minitimeTue 20 Mar 2018, 14:43

The meeting goes on until Duke Harmond Horvath calls the end of the meeting. There was a brief lull where Justina, Dinja and other servants brought food - a watery brew of nuts and slices of stringy meat. Believing it's afternoon, Tylendel takes his farewell and leaves the North Ward Town Council.

He slips in the backdoor to the kitchens and tells Dinja he'll be back tomorrow.

Then he has a talk with Syr Comton, who is overlooking some boys carrying rope into a building. He asks if Comton has seen anyone with a tattoeed chalice on his chin, but the knight hasn't. Tylendel also learns that the unknown man in Duke Harmond's meeting is Syr Yaskar, one of Kobian's (former) guards.

Next, Tylendel goes to Griffin Gate to see if Horvath's soldiers are stationed there. Two guards watch the main doors of the Griffinhold. Tylendel sends one of them inside to fetch the occupants - House Horvath infantrymen and archers - and holds a speech in the Griffinhold's yard where he tells them they can choose to join the duke's train to Sirry or to stay behind and fight the forces of the Creeping God. He tells the guard who assisted him that he hopes they make the wise choice - which Tylendel thinks is to go west.

Next, Tylendel decides to walk up Griffin Street. He passes the roofless ruin of The Black Swan Inn, then another inn on the other side of the great market (the Mayor's Cellar), then into southern Griffin Street. He encounters three Brindian peasants out looking for food; he warns them of the Night People. Then he sees the house Renata grew up in. "I'm sorry, my love," Tylendel says, then marches back down, swings into West Street past an Imlia roundtower and back to Syr Theo's Holdfast, where Syr Gylian and his command are in the great hall eating the rest of the roasted goat from the day before.

Tylendel explains the plans he's made with Duke Harmond, that Syr Bohumíl is close. "A toast for the walker in the black city," Syr Besarth says, referring to Tylendel. Then, Tylendel asks about the Black King.

Syr Gylian and Karlon Rymés speak of Syr Arlind Besmír, the Golden Faith, and how they refuse to believe he was the Black King. Tylendel assures them the Black King was not Syr Arlind. Tylendel tells them how Syr Arlind heroically tried to do the feat Kobian couldn't at the Doomed City. Syr Mergrim proposes a prayer for Arlind's soul, and they rise and Syr Gylain speaks of a red rose turning black, a metaphorical prayer about the Golden Faith. Following that, Tylendel makes up on the spot a song for the fallen knight. He receives polite applause, and Syr Gylian comments, "You sing like a saint." When Tylendel takes his leave, Syr Gylian utters, "There goes another hero."

Now, Tylendel marches up toward the Nobles' Ward. In the marketplace he encounters a patrol of friendly soldiers who call him the 'Sorcerer of Bormost'. They say they heard suspicious sounds - Tylendel smells the faint, pungent scent of the Norochtí. He tells them to be careful and watch the rooftops, then enters West Street, follows High Hopes up to the Holumeger Gate. Here, Holy Harvesters are busy barricading the Nobles' Ward. One man tells Tylendel the Dancing Leper's Gate is still open, but he waits so they can let him inside, slipping past wreckage and soldiers busy hacking and shoveling ice and snow.

He walks up Duke Gorah's Ride, along Lord's Walk and returns to the Temple of Summer. After getting a new room, clean clothes and some food, he encounters Syr Dostan in the vestibule. They discuss a lot of things. Tylendel learns that the harbor district and Castleside are open; the West Ward is closed but not watched. The Holy Harvesters patrol the upper city, Urunmyst and Horvath the lower city. Syr Dostan makes Tylendel promise not to leave Bormost without a warning (Tylendel is considering following up on Haskent's cryptic words, "A surprise is waiting for you.") Tylendel suggests trying to get out of the city through the Gate of the Unicorn in the West Ward and down the hills to fish at the confluence of the Great River and the Deepriver; Syr Dostan reveals that he's sent a company of men out to try and catch animals that may be about in the woods (they've heard wolves howl).

Tylendel goes back to the new chambers he shares with Eld and meditates, trying to reach Syr Nathyn Evett without success. Then he falls asleep.

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Online Session Recap 20.03.2018
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