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 Online Session Recap 12.03.2018

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PostSubject: Online Session Recap 12.03.2018   Online Session Recap 12.03.2018 I_icon_minitimeMon 12 Mar 2018, 14:58

Tylendel continues his interrogation of the hapless, bone-thin Duke Amos Oldrich, while Dinja gets busy sifting through the chaotic chamber of trinkets, weapons, baubles, junk, coins, jewelry, precious stones and strange artifacts.

Tylendel learns a lot more (goddamned lucky with the dice rolls) - Lug may have had a an apprentice who made the Seals of the Night, which are similar to 'ancient stone disks'; the broken goddess of Amórion is named Múlendobra in the paksí language; the Dismembered God and the Scarred God are probably the same; the Mad Spearman called himself Albin, Duke Amos believes he was an Eveninghall priest and is closer to seventy than sixty if he still lives; the lords who were involved in the kidnapping and raising of baby Tylendel were Duke Amos Oldrich ("I made deals and had to depart with some of my cherished treasures in payment"), Duke Samew Imlia, Duke Emon Ingham, Baron Kardos, and Lord Lew Iovon, the spymaster in Highlord Kobian's council; scholars of history would say the Brentonni fought and nearly destroyed each other.

Between seemingly truthful answers, Duke Amos speaks a lot of gibberish;

“Oh, Kamíl, can you forgive him? Why did you put the shame on your shoulders. It was my shame!”
“Did you know, my great- great- great- great- great- great- great- great- great-grandfather’s cousin explored Brentonni tombs and such.”
“Poor Syr Valdrin, having to marry a Glenmyr.”
“Duke Harmond? Alive? And my niece? Is she alive? Little Elysa?”
“I can see them! Their eyes, their greedy eyes on my fortunes!”
“Father, I didn’t mean to break it! It’s just a vase!”
“Oh, Nedóra, you never told me.”
“There’s an Oldrich in every other high noble family, oh yes.”
“I had a silver dagger..”
“Nedóra, you know it cannot be. Lord Amos is a duke!”
“The dark times have just gotten a little darker."
“Fair Jyndryssa, now so pale and lonely.
“Yes, let’s not be hasty.”
“The Imlias and their incessant nagging about tolling the roads. And now they’re gone, heehee!”
“Like Syr Igon said, ‘A woman’s a woman but a sword’s a sword.’”

In the end Duke Amos complains that he is getting tired of Tylendel's questions and lies down in a heap of his treasures. Tylendel manages to convince the duke to come with him and Dinja to find his niece, the Lady Elysa Oldrich Horvath, who is at the North Ward Council Hall. At first, the duke only wants to come if someone stays behind to guard his cellar - and he shouts for Bug. He does say that it "would be awfully nice to meet her again". Tylendel explains that if the duke wishes to see his niece they must go before it's too late. The duke abides, tells the air behind him to stay, and they go upstairs. He breaks down crying when he sees what has happened to his mansion while Dinja and Tylendel search the mansion for some more proper clothing. Dinja finds a fur cloak, a tunic and a doublet and Tylendel finds a pair of breeches and a set of shoes. At some point, Duke Amos begins calling Tylendel "Emperor".
"Ah, my hunting clothes, I remember these," the duke says, looking a bit better after Tylendel has helped him dress."This is going to be a long walk," Tylendel thinks.

After a long walk with the duke muttering random phrases and beginning to complain that he regrets leaving his things behind, they reach the council house. The steward of the Citadel, Patrik Vómir meets them in the hallway and is introduced to Duke Amos.
"Duke Amos of the House Oldrich, historian and collector," the duke says.

In the council hall, a heated discussion is underway. A man Tylendel hasn't seen before turns around and gives him a look; the others present are Duke Harmond and his two brothers, Syr Aurel and Syr Decebal, Count Ales Malion, Baron Prister Torrister, Austyn Karklin, Syr Comton, and the two younger Horvaths, Ionel and Marcon.
While Duke Amos doesn't recognize Syr Aurel as his niece's husband, he nonetheless follows him out of the council hall to meet Elysa. Dinja asks Tylendel to ask if she can help Justina in the kitchens like she did at the Arganhold, and Duke Harmond complies. "Don't leave without me," she says to Tylendel before going to find the kitchens.

Tylendel joins the meeting. It appears that Duke Harmond left two men behind at the Westgate of the Arganhold to receive Syr Bohumíl should he come there - and a messenger from the Knight of Riverroad did arrive, and now they know that Syr Bohumíl is indeed on his way and should arrive at the hold the next day. He also reveals in the message that he has found 500 survivors in the Howling Mines, and that there are some "interesting" personalities among them.

During the meeting, the lords and knights discuss how to accomodate 500 more people, and on whether they should hold out in Bormost until Syr Bohumíl arrives, move ahead, or split forces. Torrister and Malion, seemingly afraid, wish to leave as soon as possible. Duke Harmond, out of conscience, wants to wait for Syr Bohumíl. In the end, Tylendel decides the course of action through his superior leadership skills - some of Duke Harmond's train will go to Sirry, where Lake Sirry can hopefully provide food, while some remain in Bormost until the Knight of Riverroad arrives.

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Online Session Recap 12.03.2018
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